Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Help! :) my child made me cry. Not like in the past when she's been sick or getting her blood drawn or whatever, but because of her attitude. While I adore this stage of sweet babbles that mean nothing, intentional affection and the discovery of the world outside......I am not a fan of the new found independence that makes her want to disobey. 

I'm not sure if it's teeth, her age, her temperament or all of them combined but whew.....this week has been one of days FULL of discipline and tantrums. Today she woke up even more on the wrong side of bed apparently and as much as I love carrying my sweet girl around when she first wakes up (she REFUSES to be put down too soon after waking up......and it's a Long, slow transition lol like father like daughter) with my 4 month pregnant self it's been really hurting my back lately. And and as the front of me gets bigger it's hard to figure out where to hold her....anyways! 

It was a "fun" typical-of-this-week morning with lots of crankiness and pure defiance. So off we went for a change of scene to winco and sprouts. I thoroughly enjoyed the soundtrack of her screaming all the way down there ---insert sarcasm here---and once we got there she of course only wants to run run run and NOT sit in a cart. I LOVE watching her tiny legs run but once I let her out of that cart it's over......So the screaming started and really didn't finish till we both left in tears...yes me too. I thought it was hard packing up your groceries with a 1 yr old on your hip, I now know it's even harder when they are kicking and screaming and you're trying to bend down and "reason" with your 1 yr old and meanwhile the line is getting backed up because of you. 
Sprouts was the same the story so off we went home. So much fun! LOL. Sometimes I feel like I need to go to parenting school where they can tell me a step by step process on how to "successfully" tackle each phase of development  OH well! Now she's been sleeping for 3 1/2 hrs........all those tantrums wore her (and me) out! 

I LOVE this girl but WHEW some days are seriously the hardest work I have EVER done in my life. I hope I'm not the only one and I will FOREVER look differently on those people in the store or restaurant with the screaming child, they may likely be doing there best! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why I DO love this day!

How clique of me to post about Valentine's Day today....but I can't help it :) 

I love this holiday!

 And for all the cynics out there NO I don't love it because it's the one day a year my hubby brings me flowers or we exchange sweet gifts. I love it because it's ANOTHER day of the year we get to do so! When we got married we fully embraced the advice of others to continually speak words of praise to each other and of! Whether it's notes in his lunch or finding my favorite candy in my car, adoring one another doesn't get old! I remember back 7 years ago to our first Valentine's day as a "couple"....I was 17 and I can still remember finding my car full to the top with my favorite flower.........daisies and his sweet note stuck to my window. I have never received a store bought card from J and I LOVE that about him. Everything he does for me takes time and it just makes me want to do sweet things back for him! What a great day to embrace love, and to realize that this love is only made possible for Jer and I through the recognition that we are broken people who both needed Christ and have allowed Him to fully take over our lives. His love is the truest of all and never disappoints.

We enjoyed an amazing evening alone together going out to Fats (mmmmm my fav!!! side's impressive how much I can eat there) and sipping our coffees while talking about our future :) Tonight we are staying home with our little fam...I even got Jules a little present....I used to love waking up to presents my mom had wrapped all in pink and red for me and I am excited to continue the tradition. So as I go to dip Strawberries in yummmmmo chocolate, set the table with candles and lace and work on a fancy dinner for my man I am full of Joy.....not only because God has given me this amazing husband who loves me all year round......but because God has loved me  since the beginning of time. 

I hope you enjoy your day!!!! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

GENDER reveal!!!!!!!

This week, Baby is the size of a: Navel Orange :) 

How far along? 15 weeks 2 days

Due date: August 1st
Total weight gain/loss: 2 lbs gained! 
Maternity clothes? not yet
Sleep: Other than bathroom interruptions sleep has been great :) 
Best moment this week: Having an Ultrasound!!!!! And finding out the gender!!! We are SO EXCITED!
Food cravings: Coke Slurpees sound SO good but the sugar just grosses me out so I  have yet to have one :) 
Symptoms: Nausea, dizziness and stretching belly cramps. 
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: ENERGY and feeling good :(
What I am looking forward to: Those little kicks.......I can't wait! Best feeling in the world
Milestones: "Looking" pregnant!