Wednesday, July 17, 2013

38 weeks!!!!!!! Fullllllll term :)

Well I am 38 weeks today :)
 I am deciding not to dwell on the fact that today is the day (gestationally) that my 1st was born but this little one seems more than happy to continue to chub up in there. He will come when he's ready I guess! That's the bummer about being early the 1st time, you almost expect it the following times!!! So I am drinking some coffee, eating my second chocolate chip cookie (after I just had an ice cream sandwich :) And enjoying the time I have left with just one kiddo! While part of me really wishes I could know the day he was coming so I didn't have to clean my house every night because "surely tonight my water will break like last time!" the other part of me loves that it is a complete mystery and surprise.......few things in life are like that! 

haha notice the boppy and carseat ready to go?!

How far along - 38 weeks, full term baby! 

Weight Gain - 23........Thankfully stayed the same for 4 weeks! 

Morning sickness/nausea -NONE!

Physical changes - Lots of Braxton Hicks this week, noticeable dropping, pressure.......ya know all the good ol' pre labor stuff!

Pain - BACK! Mainly from carrying around my nearly 2 year old but whatcha gonna do

Sleep - Not great but better than it will be in the coming weeks this I know! :) 

Stretchmarks - 1 on my belly :( A leftover from Jules!

Maternity clothes - I think I live in workout clothes.........

Food cravings/aversions - Snow cones? Anything cold

Boy or Girl - My sweet boy with no name yet still  :) 

Lowlights of the week - Nothing! A fever bug is going around my family and I am praying it stays away from our house, I want a healthy house for baby!

Highlights of the week - Got to see the midwife that delivered Juliana yesterday and it was so great! I finally after 2 years got to see her again and thank her for being so amazing at my last birth! I SO hope she is on call when I have this baby!!! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

37 week maternity pictures!

We finally got some maternity pictures done! I wasn't planning on waiting to 37 weeks to do them but hey! 
I love love love them!!!!!!!! 
Of course it was nearly impossible to get my not even 2 year old to smile and cooperate but they still turned out cute! 
I am SO anxious for this boy to come! 

I love these pictures!!! So glad we have them to always remember this special time :) 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life These Days...waiting for baby

I'm sure you're all just sitting around waiting to get caught up on my life right? I know I know :)

We are awaiting the arrival of our boy maybe any day now!!! 
I am 37 weeks tomorrow so I will be full term ! eeeeeeeek!! You can know that feeling where you really want labor to come so you can meet and hold your baby, but you don't because that means you have to go through labor lol? That's where I am!
It's so funny how different things are the second time around. His "room" (which is half office/half baby room) is unorganized, not set up or decorated or anything remotely close lol. 

I figure he'll be sleeping with us the first few months anyways! But I do wish I was one of those people who had the nursery all adorable and perfectly touched up before baby came........apparently I'm too distracted with my toddler :/

I am surprised I am as nervous/anxious as I am this second time around. We have been taking Bradley Classes this time (side note.....we LOVED them, and feel so so much more prepared then last time!!!! Jeremy is going to be a great coach) and I am definitely more "prepared" this time since I know what's coming.........but I am anxious because...........I KNOW WHAT'S COMING haha. As much as I am tempted to get medication this time and be smiling through labor I just can't sacrifice that amazing feeling after and flood of emotions for me AND baby. I love that they are so alert and ready to nurse and I love that I don't feel foggy or out of control by drugs. But it's still hard knowing the pain that's coming.
 There is also the anxiety of knowing that life as it has been is coming to an end. I have often heard that going from 0-1 kids and 1-2 kids are the hardest transitions...............from there on out it's one more to add hahahaha!

I know she'll do great and be an adorable big sister but am I weird for almost being sad that the 2 years of just me and here days are almost over??? I am praying she adjusts well and that I can juggle the exhaustion of having a newborn with still spending one on one time with her :)
Anyways! I would be thrilled to be early again but am not counting on it so I won't be disappointed! I want to be ready but not expectant. I am tired constantly trying to leave my house clean "in case" or have things packed. I wish we could know when this little one is coming!!! But the expectation is so fun too :) I literally day dream about pulling him up onto my chest I can't wait!!!!!

ALSO maternity pics tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

36 weeks!!!!!!

How far along - 36 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Weight Gain - 23.............sigh

Morning sickness/nausea -NONE!

Physical changes - wow, where to start haha. TMI! Just the huge belly, bulging veins and the beginning of a waddle due to the fact that it now feels like a bowling ball is between my legs :) 

Pain - Varicose veins :( So bad I can hardly shave. Lots of downward pressure and tightness. Back ache and well......everything lol? Come on I'm 9 months pregnant!

Sleep - lots of bathroom trips, then I get hungry so I eat half a banana, then I am thirsty so I get more water, then my restless legs need to be stretched then I get back in bed but since I drank some water I have to pee again..................... oh the joys!

Stretchmarks - 1 on my belly :( A leftover from Jules!

Maternity clothes - yep yep yep, But it's SO HOT i basically want to just float in the pool all day!

Food cravings/aversions - It's been so hot honestly I can hardly eat very much. I drink a LOT of cold drinks and chew on the ice (i know i know) and cold watermelon :) 

Boy or Girl - My sweet boy with no name yet :) 

Lowlights of the week - Just not feeling "ready" I guess even though I still have weeks to go I know! But realizing my one on one time with Juliana is coming to a close and all the changes that happen with that. Also just feeling the normal anxiety that this birth is going to happen soon and I am not exactly excited about the pain. 

Highlights of the week - Going to the midwife today!!! Yay!!! Apparently our baby is about 6.5 lbs (oh my......still 4 weeks please no 9 lb baby!) and as she so kindly said "oh wow! nice big head".....................................................seriously!?!?! Don't tell me that lol!!!!! Talked through my birth plan and the tub and everything and am getting excited to just do this thing!