Thursday, July 28, 2016

Product today -- baby trend stroller

Yay! I love this product share day because I feel like I use so many products that I wish people knew about (or I'd known about long ago!)
Today I am sharing with you the Baby Trend double jogging stroller

Here's the Amazon Linkif you want to check it out but like I said we got ours at Walmart !

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pinterest Recipes Tested!

I decided tonight that I didn't have enough dishes in my sink from the past 2 days haha and had a little baking party - with myself, and Luke of course my constant cling on 🙂 Baking has such a great therapeutic nature to it that I really find myself missing it during summer. So I cranked up the window ac unit and pulled up all the coconut flour recipes I've pinned but never had time to try. We have a way over abundance of eggs for some reason (as I imagine lots of you with chicken do also!) and coconut flour recipes need LOTS of eggs !

Here is the first one I tried
Coconut Flour bread:
I wasn't really sure what to expect with this one (the one downside of having a baking marathon at 10 pm -- too many bites lol) but it was really moist and good I will definitely make it again. It's a great replacement for toast or sliced bread if you have that temptation every morning like me or if you just have a gluten intolerance.

(Don't mind the accidental hole in the top)

Next was Coconut Flour Brownies:
This unfortunately was thumbs down :( And this is the second or third coconut flour recipe I've tried. I also overcooked it which only makes it drier and you lose that brownie moist taste. But it I put single squares in foil and popped them in the freezer so they will do when I'm searching for something chocolate :) 

With a glass of Almond milk I was pretty satisfied :) 

These Gaps Squash Squares are a definite favorite:
I just use a can of pureed pumpkin and I also add about 1-2 Tablespoons of honey. I can't resist honey.
These are protein packed and taste like pumpkin pie! so so good!
I made 2 batches this is one going on and one coming out you can see how that whipped egg white works so well.

Tomorrow morning I'm making these pancakes and we'll see how they stack up (hahaha.......ok it's too late. Bed!)

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Live Like Wednesday -lularoe's leggings

Hi Readers !! I'm excited to start Live Like Wednesday where every Wednesday I will go live from my blog Facebook page and share with you a product that I like or love ! I'll have a video posted on the blog page here too.

Today I'm featuring lularoe's adorable clothing. My friend Kate Davenport (who sells so much because SHE is freakin cute and all the clothes looks perfect on her!) sells them and I've attached the link to her business page here in case you feel like browsing around and doing some shopping !

Their clothes fit all sizes really really well and are SO comfortable!!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

3 Months Today!

How is my newborn already 3 months old (insert weeping emoji). I guess that makes him no longer a newborn (insert 4 weeping emojis).......Jeremy always laughs that girls don't use ONE emoji to express their emotions it's always like 5. I agree, one never seems enough -- I need 5 of those heart eye ones to truly express how I feel haha. Anyways - rabbit trail!

Luke - You are such a joy in our house! While you are our fussiest baby yet you give out smiles so freely it makes up for all that. Your siblings adore you and often fight over who's "brother" you are (not sure how they've missed this concept still). You are the perfect addition to our family, it's hard to imagine life without you here. At least 10 times a day I look at you and am filled with thankfulness and joy - we adore you!

Weight: Finally finally you are getting some tiny rolls on those legs! Now that you can eat better it's so good to see you grow even if you are still pretty little :)

Clothing: Still in 0-3 month and a few 3 month! While boy clothes are never going to be as cute as baby girl clothes (it's hard to compete with ruffles and bows) I adore the convenience of not coordinating everything! Onesie, shorts, done.

Sleep: You are the BEST sleeper so far, no Beaumont baby in this house before you has ever gone 6 hours at night before 9 months. You slept from 10:45-5:45 one night last week whoooooooo that was incredible. Woke up feeling like, "oh ya........that is what sleep feels like, round two please". But normally it's 10:30-4, then 5:30 then up at 7:30. I feel like we may be finally getting out of that newborn fog where everyday feels like I'm on a cruise ship.

Eating: Going better but not amazing still :( Getting that tongue tie and lip tie fixed was horrendous and I was hoping things would finally click after that. But it's still taking time for you to learn HOW to use that tongue - we'll get there baby~

Personality/Mood: You are a fairly high maintenance baby! I think you've forgotten you are number in I have two other children. As long as mommy is holding you and preferably looking AT you you are content. I am rejoicing though that you are not truly a colic baby though (clearly I've realized I couldn't handle that). You really are a sweet baby - soooooo generous with your smiles and adorable coos. Those blue eyes melt me!

Loves: You love people talking to you - particularly your sister! It is adorable to see you together, she loves you so much. You love me carrying you around and your swing (Thank God!). You've found your fists and chomp away on them all day long!

Doesn't love: Being put down haha! Most of all you DO NOT LIKE that carseat :)

This past week you met friends from all over the world! 8 different countries to be exact

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