Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pins and Projects!

Pins to try!

Earl Grey Ice Cream ............ Yes please!

Obsessed with these colors this summer. Thankfully they are also the colors for the wedding I'm in this fall! Yea!

Would LOVE to do this! Then the rain can just wash it clean :) 

Definitely trying this! I am grain and sugar free right now and this looks amazing :) although the choc chips have sugar?

I put a request for this in with the Hubs........we'll see :) 

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Friday, August 22, 2014

I usually wait to blog until late at night when all kids are asleep  in bed and duties are done, but some scenarios are so funny and challenging I just have to stop and write them out so that I will hopefully one day look back and at least snicker?

Or at least to give you a good laugh if you don't have kids.

When I worked my first job at the coffee shop/deli I used to get excited when I could make someone's sandwich order super really fast! At the bank I found pride in working quickly and dealing out cash cleanly and swiftly. 
Today I found pride in wrapping a present. Seriously. Somehow these menial daily tasks come to be huge accomplishments when you have two kids (you out there with 4 or more, you win!) I decided we should wrap this present really quickly (haha) since it's not really a valid thing to put off until my husband is home to help.....I mean really! 

So I sit down on the ground to let Juliana "help" me wrap a present for a little friend's birthday party tomorrow. She loves to cut and use tape -- obviously, she's almost 3. As I attempt to fold each piece over the box William is also right there to help tear anything I literally don't have my body blocking him from (imagine that game "protect the president" yep that was me with the present). At the same time Jules' decides it's time to cut right down the middle as well as the sides. Awesome. Yay for learning and using scissors. My kids were somehow not fooled with the little pieces of wrapping paper I gave them each to play with...HA! There's nothing quite like trying to block a crafty one year old from climbing on top of the box every second while you have tape on each finger and a hand over the scissors the 3 year old is using. Magically we somehow got paper around all sides of this large box. Lots of words were exchanged like "please stop screaming William" and "Ok put the tape right.......that spot works too." I think I'll happily find pride in looking at that sadly wrapped present haha! I know fellow moms can relate. These kinds of circumstances happen ALLLLLL day long and sometimes all you can do is laugh. Some day you will go to the bathroom and not have an audience shredding toilet paper or overflowing the sink with water. 
What fun with that be right? :) 

Have a great day!!! 


This video shows why I don't usually blog during the day. Annnnnnnd they got the markers out and decided to TOGETHER color this awesome present. 

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Food and Health Journey

Sometimes I forget to stop to remember, oh my gosh I am never sick anymore!

Before you ask I"ll just tell you, by sick I mean digestionally (word?) just so that's all cleared up for everybody :) 

Side's like all my life when people would ask me what happens to me when I eat dairy. I would try to vaguely say, "um...I feel really sick". They then press it by asking more "What happens to you?"
DO THEY REALLY WANT TO KNOW?! I am sure they were just wondering if my throat was going to close up or something but anyways. The same applies here, when I mean sick I mean stomach sick.

It was really bad during my high school and college years, but probably peaked those first few years of marriage. Looking back it's like "duh, of course I felt awful, I was eating garbage!"

The thing was I wasn't eating garbage like most people probably think. It wasn't donuts, fast food, pizza, or that kind of junk all day. It was the food that still most American's think is the normal everyday food. 

Here is how my diet looked at that time:

Breakfast: Cereal 2-3 bowls.
(keep in mind I eat a LOT of food, not sure why lol)

Snack: Something bready like a bagel, granola bar or wheat thins

Lunch: Sandwich or left overs with fruit and pretzels and diet coke

Snack: If I had time for a snack it would be a yogurt or whatever was in the break room at work or even worse........candy. Afternoon was my candy hour.

Dinner: Traditional American meals like spaghetti, bbq with bread and rice, anything whole grain and lower fat.

I stocked up on things that were whole wheat and whole grains and kept fats to a minimum by eating ground turkey, low fat cheese if any.

It's hard to know how that long process of several years got me to this place but through family and reading which led to more interest and more reading as well as observing changes in my family I thought I might as well try something. I was sick all the time and also anemic. 

My first "leap" like many others was to try the whole gluten free deal. It was/is a trendy choice so I thought I'd try it. I got into it pretty easily since there are so many GF options. The problem is I started realizing I wasn't necessarily eating healthier, I was just substituting all the baked goods I usually ate wheat flower in with gluten free flours. 

My sister in law made us watch Fat Head and I would have to say that was the beginning of truly understanding how backwards we have it. The "food pyramid" we've always been taught has so many things wrong with it. 

I won't get into all the lies we are told and mass amount of chemicals and garbage we are eating in EVERYDAY food, BUT I hope you'll read more on your own and begin looking on the back of you food. Always aim for as little steps as possible between the ground/earth and your plate! 

I always had been familiar with "good fats" like avocados and nuts but really didn't understand how badly our body needs fats. Turkey bacon finds no home here hehe :) I know it can be so hard to get yourself to eat something you have always seen as "fattening" but your body will need it especially if you take out major grains and sugar. 

This change happened slowly for me. I learned more about my all or nothing personality! I am so the kind of person who wants to go ALL in, all organic, all grass-fed, etc. etc. Because the more you learn the more you want to do it all. But that isn't to say that there aren't huge hiccups for me even now. Our bodies are so addicted to processed and chemical filled foods. We have had them since we were kids and will always temp us because of the connection they hold. I find myself getting too lazy and I start eating wheat and lots of sugar again, and it gets even harder to stay away from them when I do this.

My diet is in no where near perfect at all, even now I am going back through a strict "detox" with my sisters of no grains or sugars. I don't do it to be skinny or legalistic, but because I feel too good while eating this way. If you don't believe me just try it! 

Diet Currently (give or take):

Breakfast: Eggs and meat (ham -not lunch meat real ham, canadian bacon, bacon)

Snack: Spinach smoothie (almond milk, spinach, frozen berries, almond butter, chia seeds)

Lunch: Turkey "sandwich" lettuce wrapped. (Check out the full turkey breast at Costco, you can slice it), fruit, veggies, usually some Luke's organic chips with homemade salsa 

Snack: Peanut butter with apple, string cheese, carrots and hummus

Dinner: We almost always eat some kind of meat (lots of chicken drumsticks since we aint scared of fat!), grilled summer squash, caprise salad --with full fat cheese of course!, sometimes rice or quinoa

Dessert: Something like this :) mug cookie without the sugar or chocolate chips

There are SO many ideas for eating cleanly. I know it can be WAY overwhelming at first but some of my favorite blogs are these:

I am never sick anymore and feel so so great. You would be amazed at how linked the food you eat is to that afternoon lull or an overall sluggish feeling :) 

I'll write a post soon about eating this way with little kids in the house. Do them a HUGE favor and don't addict them to foods they will have to fight against later :) They will eat what you give them if that's all they have ever known.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Vacation = what it means with small kids

We are back from camping! 
The exclamation mark is there for 2 reasons. 
It was fun!
And it is done! 

Let me get right to the point of why I think vacation changes when you have kids.
It may be obvious, but really......It's because it's not about you. 

Camping had it's high points and low points for us. We arrived in Tahoe and excitedly started setting up camp. We booked a group site to accommodate our 20 people (yes this trip was immediate family) so it was fun to figure out who would sleep where and where we would gather to eat, etc. But the sun quickly faded and VERY dark clouds rolled in for what we assumed in our happy beginning of camping spirits would be a light rain. Minutes later we are being pounded with huge hail. Then torrential downpour of rain for about 2 hours. Most of us were huddled under a tarp we had hung minutes before while my mom and sister had 6 of the 10 kids in her tent. Yikes!

Just because camping with tiny children isn't challenging fun enough, add rain please! All that dust and dirt, lets make it mud! Unfortunately it continued to rain on and off like this, and more MARBLE sized hail for 2 of our 3 days. But here is the point - the kids didn't care. If anything, they were having more fun.

I realized something that I should have before, with now 2 kids it really hit home this trip. Vacation is fun for me because of what I get to watch my kids enjoy. I want to do stuff that they will have a blast doing. Of course I am happy to grab my book and escape for a bit! And nothing beats sitting with your adult siblings around a fire long after ALL kids have gone to bed playing games, eating and laughing. It's great! But the bulk of vacation and the bulk of my efforts went to creating a fun time for my little family. 

I had to think back to my memories of camping as a kid. How fun it was. Nothing better than waking up and running outside to your bike and to play till the sun goes down. But of course now I can see all the work my mom and dad did during all those trips to create such a fun environment for us. And never begrudgingly, as if put out that vacation now meant hot cocoa with their kids instead of pina coladas on a beach (don't worry they made sure to get those vacations in too :) But they were having a great time, just like I did because my kids were. While camping with a 1 and 3 year old was more work than rest, I am excited about doing it again when they are older! 

You have to await the fun times as you work hard packing, setting up, cooking, cleaning up, prepping beds, getting kids IN bed, "sleeping" (lets not even visit how that went) and then relive all the fun moments as you pack up camp and then spend 2 days unpacking and cleaning when you get home. 
If you are sensing a love/hate relationship with this camping vacation you are spot on :) 

Here is a picture overload for your viewing pleasure! 

First stop....Tahoe House! Amazing pastries :) 

Our awesome stay

Getting the tarp up just in time!

Happy babies 

Only picture with my boy :( Sadly I am blinking lol

Helping Nonni wash dishes camping style


Riding bikes Alllllll day long. Please note my adorable nephew eating his dinner facing the trailer hehe :) 

on the look out for the squirel who had it out for us :( He was dropping pine cones full of sap right and left. broke my parents back window :( Sad Day!

Sleeping baby on the beach :) 

Fun memories!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Camping with me!

Hi Friends!

My husband is slightly ashamed of this, but we have only been camping once since we had kids......and our daughter is almost 3. 

This is entirely due to me :) 

Am I a terrible person for not loving camping?!? Maybe. 
It's similar to not being a "dog person" somehow that correlates to "bad person"........another post for another day haha! 

In my defense I DID like camping prior to children! Being cozy in a tent for 2, hiking, sitting by the fire..............but that looks a little different with two kids not quite old enough to SIT still, let alone by a fire yet :) But it will be fun! My 3 year old will adore being outside ALL day and waking up with all 9 cousins right outside. 

We are going camping with my family -- that means there will be lots of food, children and noise. 
I am excited! We borrowed a tent trailer and Jeremy says it's the "breaking me into camping" gently item. I agree :) 

Pictures will follow!

Any last minute tips on camping with kiddos?! Keep in mind I am an over-packer.

We have lots of fun planned!

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

To say this blog has been neglected would be a major understatement! 
Life has do you say.....crazy? 
I will fill you all in soon on what we are up to but that is a post for another day! We are so excited about these next steps. It has been a major life change for our day to day life :) 

I can't wait to write soon! I am not saying that because I think you're sitting around waiting for my next post, I am under no illusions. Have you ever had a conversation with someone in your head and it seemed so real you have to remember you actually didn't have that conversation? Well, I do this with blog posts. I write posts all day in my head. How to get your toddler to stay in bed during a nap strike, knowing your purpose even in mundane daily tasks, tips for detoxing on sugar, tips for when you fail your sugar detox, ya know....the usual :) the problem is they never make it to the point of actually being written! 
But soon! 

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