Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Talking with a toddler

This kind of conversation happens nearly every moment of every day around here. I have a not very verbal 2 year old, which can be challenging at times, but these simple, ridiculous, aggravating at times conversations will be gone soon LOL -- I hope?

When lunch is over and she watches one Justin Time, this is how things usually go down......

"OK it's naptime! Let grab your water and go in your room"
"Remember we don't say no to mommy, please choose to obey and grab your water"

like watching a glacier move I stand and wait for her to move the 2 ft from the couch to her doorway. At last we have made it to the door and I can encourage her all the long way to the bed. 

"Good job, lets get in bed and read a book"
"oh! my shoes!"
"It's ok we don't need shoes right now, how about you choose a book"
"um, ee hee (ok)"

We now move two steps closer to the bed. So close and yet so far. I make the mistake of going to the bed -- a whole 4 steps in front of her and now I can't have that gentle hand on the back of her head to keep her moving. 

"Keep moving please lets grab a book and get in bed"
"oh! my shoes!"
"We don't really need shoes on for bed"
"my white shoes!
 "We don't NEED shoes in bed but would you like to hold them in bed with you?"
"uh huh"

I dash to the closet and grab "the shoes" I know she is referring to. I put then near her pillow and plop her on the bed. Finally, IN bed. The deed in almost done. 

"Alright we have got your shoes, water and book. Let read!"

I begin to open the book...


She throws them off the bed. 

"Girly, you asked me to get your shoes. Please do not throw them off the bed. Say no thank you shoes instead".
"{sigh} Please do not say no, just say no thank you"
"no tank oo"

We finally read the book. I skip a few pages and she notices, so I go back again. We pray. We hug. I get up and begin to walk out. Freedom is SO close! 

"mama, shoes!!!!"
"Juliana, you said you didn't want your shoes. If you want them you can grab them from the floor"
"No mama do it"
"You do not need me to get your shoes, please get up and get them yourself."

Oh no. I just gave her the go ahead to get out of bed and before I can just grab the stinkin shoes for her she is up and out. Trying to stay on top of it I add:

"Ok great you got your shoes get back in bed!"
"Oh! My tutu too!!"
"No lets just get in bed you have your shoes"
"no tutu mm shoes too peas!!!!!"

I dash back in, grab the pink fluffy tutu from the closet, grab her and lay her down with shoes, tutu, water, and book before we have to start the process all over again.

"I love you, close your eyes love bug!"
"Noooooo shoes!"

She throws them and everything else off the bed. Then I debate about going back in for discipline and learning lessons or closing the door..... :) 

This was my last 15 minutes :) Sound familiar ? Haha gotta love 2 year olds. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Don't suffer through a kale salad.........drink em up!

It's 3 pm.....and like clockwork everyday I want to munch on something
I usually want some form of sugar, fat or salt
Instead of just saying I won't snack or should eat a bowl of veggies is a non-reality I have come to grips with. If I don't have something then I will end up eating food that isn't good for me. Like my daughters goldfish or graham crackers (spread with pb and topped with choc. happens)

I give you my afternoon pick me up!

My version of the "green" drink! As much as I would love to be someone who can down an all green smoothie with ginger and lemon juice in it, no matter how I try I just can't. I don't like it and then start adding way more stuff to try and compensate the taste and before I know it I have a FULL blender of fruit, yogurt and anything else I could throw in !

That is why you actually do have to be careful with these smoothie blended drinks. You can easily drink in one glass (and quickly!) what would have been a plate full of food. This is why I make mine with lots of almond milk and ice for filler instead of tons of fruit. Cram as many greens as you want in there but watch your fruits and sweeteners. 

I make a million variations of this drink but this is the basic:

2 Cups Almond Milk (or milk)
Several cups of spinach or kale
1 cup ice
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
large scoop of peanut butter
quarter of a banana 
dash of honey (small)

Bananas are a high carb and sugar fruit so add only what you need for sweetness. 

Use only a little honey :) I know it's temping but it is a green drink after all!

This gives me the sweetness that my tongue is craving without the junk. I love watching my kiddo slurp up all those dark leafy greens!!! I usually pour the majority in my glass and then use what is left as the base for her smoothie to which I add more banana and frozen fruit.

Drink up and ENJOY~

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sleep -- contrary to my children's belief, a necessary part of life


Sleep is one of those things that is just so darn annoying. We really need it. We don't function well without it. And it also can be a touchy mommy subject. As if this is all some sort of competition. ("I was up 2000 times last night") you know what I am talking about. You may have even heard those words from me before. Or the other side of the coin, those who's children sleep all night and are sure the rest of us are doing something wrong. Let me just affirm and challenge both sides real quick.
 Tired mom -- You have been up way way too much, but complaining about and your kids constantly is not uplifting and won't help anyone. And will actually make you feel more irritated AT them. 

Well rested mom --  You may have wonderful tips and tricks that got you to a place where your kids sleep all night long. So share them with true compassion and love. The moms who's children wake up all night or don't fall asleep well are not doing something wrong. There is no simple solution, and honestly until you have been in the trenches of night after night after night for months on end fighting your child on sleep - it will be hard to truly empathize. 

This is my child on the nannycam as I write this. 

It's 9:30pm and she had no nap today. Unfortunately this is not uncommon! 

I hit an all time new in my motherhood journey thus far -- I slept most of the night IN my baby's crib last night....

Yes the baby was in there too :) 

As I was standing there patting his back for what seemed like an hours on end (maybe 20 minutes actually, but at 2 am who can tell) it seemed like the most logical solution in my foggy state. When he started grunting around 3 hours later I woke up and thought "omg, what am I doing in the crib?"

Hey you do what you gotta do right?

Sleep seems like it has just been one of those issues our kids have always had. I literally cannot fathom putting our children to bed before 8 and not seeing them again for 10-12 hours. 

Our first didn't consistently sleep all night till a little before she turned 2 and then it has been on again off again since. Right now she comes sleep walking (quite seriously, I have many stories) into our room trying to get in our bed at least 4 times a night. She bring her pillow, puppy, doll, water and sleep noise maker.
Every. Single. Time...........Yup. 
So we have put a baby gate in front of her door hoping to solve that problem right? Wrong. She now fully wakes up and where I used to be able to redirect a half asleep toddler back to bed I am now coming head to head with a 2 year old {tired} terror. Not only that but she just stands there at the gate SCREAMING so the second I hear her I bolt out of bed before she wakes up the baby. 

Baby wakes up 3-4 times a night to nurse still at 10 months just like his sister did. Lord help us. lol. Hence me somehow ending up sleeping in his crib last night. 

Our current dilemma is that baby boy likes to wake up around 530 am and will only stay sleeping if nuzzled in bed with us. Lovely. (Have I mentioned that I actually strongly dislike my children being in my bed? I am not a huge lover of their little arms and legs slapping me all night). 
So when he wakes up at that time I usually bring him into bed with us and get another precious hour. 
The problem is that every few nights we break after several attempts of getting Juliana back to her bed and just let her sleep with us since everyone sleeps so well. But then when baby wakes up there is obviously no room for one more child in that bed. 

So ya know, there you have it. If it sounds familiar I hope it encourages you that you are not alone! I stumble back and forth between my children's rooms and my own several times a night every night. And that is not a "poor me" boo hoo sob story. Everyone has different battles they face with their babes. My children are not sick, have special needs, poor eaters, biters, hitters or other things (so far!) I would never complain about those two amazing kiddos. But sleep seems to be the issue in this household. If it is in yours as well then from one tired mama to another.........we will survive this!  

P.S. I finally got that toddler to sleep between sentences. I literally put my arms over her and held her eyes closed and counted to 10....boom she was out :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I will miss these nights...

Oh how I will miss these nights. 
The happy squeals when Daddy is finally home...
Making dinner and finally having time to try out new things, taste and create while listening to daddy play with kiddos
Gathering around our little table with our little family
Sending the 2 year old outside to kick the ball and soak up those last moments of daylight while my babe and I talk about our days and plan the next....with a little kissing maybe (hey, it's my blog right? :) 
Daddy giving kiddos a bath and listening to the songs of happy babies while I clean up and organize - this actually does make me very happy lol
Cuddling little ones to sleep and reading books and singing songs
Praying with and over my littles
Tip-toeing across the floor and realizing, FREEDOM
Gathering ice cream, wine and blankets and cuddling up on the couch
Talking, watching, and loving life together
I love these precious days with little hands and little feet
Of collapsing at the end of the day in pure exhaustion but full satisfaction 
Of course not every day is like this
Many dinners are spent with melting children and even more melting parents
tantrums over teeth brushing or bed ushering
screaming to sleep and waking often
But I still love these days and know I will miss them when school and schedules undo this sweet freedom days :) 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Re-purpose that tuna Salad :)

When you are pinching pennies you eat a lot of tuna.........a lot of ton and peanut butter (no jelly or bread if you are paleo haha)

Thankfully tuna on a salad is quick and versatile -- so maybe give tuna another chance! Dress it up with some yummy extras. 

Try mixing your tuna with (full fat) greek plain yogurt, mayo and lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper, or dill dressing. 

Place on a bed of greens or chopped romaine and add your favorite veggies. Of course homemade kraut has to be on there too! 

This is my sisters favorite version of tuna salad. On a bed of kale with hard boiled egg and avo. 

Or add in olive oil, salt and pepper, lemon juice and mix all together :) 

Happy Tuna-ing!