Friday, April 12, 2013

24 week update!

How far along - 24 weeks 2 days!!

Weight Gain - 11 pounds..........I will definitely gain more this pregnancy. OH well 

Morning sickness/nausea - Gone!!!!!!!!! Praise God!

Physical changes - ummmm belly bigger every day lol!  belly button flat now arms and rear or getting larger every day too. grrr!

Pain - Bad varicose veins in my right leg so swollen they are burning hot and very painful :( A hernia on my left side is bad too but it's all worth it!

Sleep - Pretty good, although Juliana's molars are making sleep very difficult :( Once I get her down again then I have to go to the bathroom, get comfortable, etc. Then she wakes up an hour later crying :( Till the time for teeth I guess.

Stretchmarks - Nope, no new ones at least!

Maternity clothes -  Both! A few maternity pants and some regular (stretchy!) jeans still

Food cravings/aversions - No aversions yay!! Finally!!! Loving lettuce wraps every day and anything cold -- frozen grapes :) 

Eating/drinking - I eat ALL. THE. TIME. Although I'm getting into that stage where I can't eat much without feeling super tight and uncomfortable. 

Boy or Girl - BOY BOY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lowlights of the week - unfortunately found out after my 20 (well 23 weeks for me) ultrasound that my placenta is very low lying :( We are praying it raises up as I grow but would appreciate your prayers as well! I would love for it to obviously move out of the way enough to take placenta previa out of the picture completely but also to move alllll the way up so I can have a normal delivery without concerns. 

Highlights of the week - All his kicks, I love him

Anything to add - Any mommy's of 2 or more kids I have a question for you! Our little man will obviously be in our room for several months but after that we can't decide if we should put him in the same room with our (then will be 22 month old) or if he needs his own room so he doesn't wake her up as well ........ cause trust me, he will NOT be sleeping without a feeding all night when he's 4 months old lol. what have you all done?!?

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