Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Curious George Party

Last weekend we celebrated our firstborn turning 2!!! My gosh :( How fast time goes. She is in love with Curious George...in LOVE. 

It was a SUPER fun party theme. I love all the fun details and crafts when hosting a party, this one gave me plenty of ideas :) 

How cute is she in her George Skirt?

My dad is awesome and dressed up as The Man in the Yellow Hat

Fun food table

10 am is a good time for a 2 year old's party since it's pre-nap and morning is usually little kiddos best time of day. We did lots of morning food like bagels and cream cheese, pb&j's, cheese sticks, cherrio necklaces, apples and yogurt, fruit, etc :) 

Apples and Yogurt that I put a few drops of yellow food coloring in and suddenly......"banana" dip!

We gave each child a banana with a balloon attached for their "party favor". This acts as cute decor as well!

Baby love <3 p="">

Cake cones! These were fun! I poured cake batter into ice cream cones, then frosted. super cute. I wanted to use mini cones but seriously could NOT find them anywhere. Also if you make these leave the OUT overnight, don't wrap up or the cone will get soggy. Thankfully she's 2 and could care less :) 

For the banners I just cut triangles out of cereal boxes and glued on paper, done!

Such a fun party!!!!!!

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