Sunday, September 21, 2014

Usually blogging is the outlet I use to write about life and things I am passionate about -- particular subjects that get my blood pumping so much I have to get them out lol! 

But then life has seasons (and you all know!) of maintenance.
 This is a step lower than survival mode. Survival mode is what is sounds like -- literally surviving. Making sure everyone is fed, rested (somewhat) and clean (maybe). 
Then maintenance mode is doing the days work but little to know time or inspiration for projects, writings, or any form of DIY project to ensue! 

So for us lately we have been in maintenance mode! Life has been BUSY! I mean, when is it not right? But it has been especially busier than we are used to. A massive change in jobs, ministry, day to day life and yesterday a big wedding that was the focus for much of the summer! :) Such a huge blessing to be my sister in law's MOH and almost made it the whole day without a tear! 

I have loved every day and all the fun things we have been doing but I miss my down time with my kiddos and the necessary outlet of projects that maintains my sanity. So hoping there is more of that in the near future. 

The challenge for me (and hopefully I can challenge you!) is that busyness is just the stuff we are doing. The things that fill our day, and no matter how great, important or unimportant they are -- can't replace relationships. 

Yes you may have a hundred errands to run and your kids may be freaking out in dollar
 tree, but take the extra minutes to love the people around you. That's our job! To show them who Christ is. And that IS in everyday life. 

We may hate that the people at the park are screaming profanities at their children but instead of running away because it pushes our kids outside their safe bubble for a few minutes, let them see you interact and care for that person. 

We can't be so consumed with our schedules and issues (even if great!) that we can't even see those around us. It's not about doing good deeds because we are not good people. It's about showing them the love of Christ which is eternal and unconditional. They--just like us--do not have to clean up before coming to him. 

Anyways that's all I have time for. A few baskets of adorable pink and blue laundry needs to be folded :) Thank you for those who have asked about Jules! PRAYING the MRI is this week so we can move on! Her hiccups got very bad this weekend and we decided to try the Benadryl the Dr. prescribed to try for when they got really bad again. Well.....she fell into a dead sleep which was kind of freaky but they stopped! So praying that will work until we can find the source because they exhaust her poor baby.

Thanks friends! 

Fun with Jeremy's family today! 

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