Sunday, August 14, 2016

Happy 4 Months Luke!

Weight: 13 pounds this month! I can see you growing yay!

Clothing: You are finally in 3 months and a few 3-6 month jammies.

Sleep: This week's sleep has been no bueno. It didn't help that we went camping for 4 days where you woke up 5+ times a night. Cold and dark tent apparently aren't your thing and even though we've been home a few days sleep isn't happening. Can you go back to only waking up 2 times a night please!?!

Eating: You are doing well and you can see it in your chub cheeks~which I love. You basically only love nursing in quiet private places though. Which means no chatting or eating while trying to feed you :(

Personality/Mood: Sometimes I think you are the happiest boy and other days I'm like "what on earth is wrong with this child" because you fuss and fuss and cry. I think I am still figuring out your mood and what kind of personality you will have.

New This Month: Grabbing your feet!!! I also heard a slight giggle from you but wouldn't call it quite a laugh yet. Also tried out the bouncer for the first time and you weren't a huge fan but tolerate it for a few minutes.

Loves: Me. Holding. You. All day long lol. preferably standing up. I am very thankful you do take good naps though and you love napping on your tummy! You also love being home which is pretty cute. When we are running around doing errands you get super fussy and when we are finally home I can see your whole body relax.

Doesn't love: Being put down haha!

Someone is obsessed ;) 

Bedhead Hair hehe

A certain sister has been here......

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