Sunday, September 18, 2016

5 months old Luke!

A little late but hey, you're the third baby :)

Weight: 13 pounds this month! I can see you growing yay!

Clothing: You made the leap to 6 months clothing! They are slightly long for you haha sorry baby neither of your parents passed down long legs for you :(

Sleep: Duuuuuuude last night was awful. Get it together lol I loved when we were waking up once a night for so long. But really, I would love for you to sleep all night! But since we don't sleep train I am gonna soak up these little moments with you cause I know they are gone fast.

Eating: You. are. a. snacker. You basically only fill up when you're super sleepy haha. Other times you're too distracted to eat nice and long. It could be the two older siblings you have trying to talk to you or pat you or scream at you always when you start to eat.

Personality/Mood: You are such a sweet baby -seriously I could eat you up. I get stopped daily for either your hair or your eyes. You're just the cutest thing!!!!

Loves/Hates: You love grabbing your toes and me carrying you around. Second to that is Juliana making faces at you :) You hate being ignored or put down.

New this month: Rolling from tummy to back finally! You are also grabbing for things!!!

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