Wednesday, April 12, 2017

~ Luke's First Birthday ~

Happy 1 year my precious Luke!

Crazy that almost this exact time a year ago we decided it was time to head to the hospital and a few short hours later you were born! #fastestyearever

You are such a joy and light in our family!
You have a sweet, mischievous spirit that I could sit and watch for hours. I adore when you see something you want to get to and speeeeeeeed crawl to get it. I love watching you chase your older siblings and especially when they are covering you in kisses - I can literally feel my heart swell at the way the 3 of you interact. Truly, you have brought with you such a new dynamic in our household that we love.
We really enjoyed this year with you! I think by the 3rd child parents are often able to simmer down and just sit and soak up each milestone - that's how it was for us at least! I enjoyed this *first* year probably more than any other one!
It's been a flow of emotions this year watching you grow - while we *plan* Lord willing to pursue fost-adopt- you are our last baby! That has been such a roller coaster I wasn't expecting. There are definite things I will never miss - sleeping to name just one little one. In the beginning I don't mind those wake up calls to snuggle with my newborn. But as the year goes on it gets less magical haha. The gymnastics nursing one year old is just not the same. sleep child - SLEEEEEP.

But the things I'll miss? How could I ever name them. The flutters of a baby moving inside of you - there's nothing like that. I could actually cry thinking back to each moment I grasped each of my babies onto my chest after they were born. I relive those moments often - I just love it!
That sweet baby smell - marveling at each tiny detail of baby. This has to be one of God's most special gifts to us. Celebrating each sit up, crawl, step with cheers of joy and a tinge of sadness that you can't go back in time. What will I do without the baby sleepers that are just SO cozy.
Like I said. Too much to get into.

We had a fun *little* celebration with our parents and siblings last night.

Had so much fun making this little cake for him!

Just a few drumsticks ;) 

Daddy making sure it tastes ok. :) 

He was a big fan !

Basically wouldn't stop giggling as he ate it :) He didn't the whole thing I couldn't bring myself to let him eat that much lol!!!!

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