Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Post!

Welcome to my blog! After spending over an hour trying to figure out how to design this blog I decided to just start creating a post! Nap time is a precious time and I don't want to spend it trying to figure out how to shift my title over!!!! Let me start off by saying that I LOVE blogs! I love how people share things they've done whether it's personal goals, redoing old furniture in their homes, old/new recipes, tutorials, or anything really! I've always looked longingly at people's blogs wishing I could also share....but in reality most days I feel happy when my hair gets done and make-up is on my face (and even HAPPIER days when i actually go to the gym or make a nice dinner). And I only have ONE baby! My respect goes out to you who have multiple kids and still look presentable, make dinner, keep your house clean, work out,go grocery shopping, and raise children! I am learning :)

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