Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Love/Hate Wednesday

Good Morning Reader!
Life has been so busy I haven't been able to blog as much as I like :( So here's to Love/Hate's been a while! 

1. I love that we are finally living in a REAL house! After so many years of waiting and hoping sometime I forget to look around and remember, "It's OURS!". I hate that it comes with a million and one projects that seem to get so overwhelming.

2. I love that my daughter has always been an amazing sleeper and it's been an area of no stress for us always. I hate that this week she decided to change all that and fight naptime and bedtime. After 3 hours of fighting naptime yesterday I had her sit with me while I napped on the couch and she finally just toppled over and fell asleep. I would normally let her just scream but she kept gagging so hard I thought she'd thrown up so I'd go in and check and then the process is started over again. sigh. please let today be different! 

3. I love that my husband finally has a new job that he LOVES. I hate that it means going in an hour earlier and we miss our family breakfast time every day :( 

4. I love this stormy weather that makes me want to curl up! I hate that now that I'm a mom this weather means no outside play............a long day for me.

5. I love that I am 19 weeks today and baby #2 is kicking me all the time! I love being pregnant and this is my favorite part! I hate that I've been so dizzy and tired lately. 

6. I love that after HOURS of searching I may have found the perfect place to give birth!!! A birthing center 30 minutes away that might be a huge answer to prayer! I hate that is has to be so hard to find prenatal care and dr's to accept my insurance. 

7. I love that Juliana is babbling things that mean "nothing" to me all day. She is adorable.
That's all :) 

8. I love that we have been doing well with eating the right food and getting to the gym! I hate that no matter how much I love feeling good I still have a hard time resisting chips and candy :( I think this will never end lol! 

9. I love that my family lives so close -- both my in laws and immediate. What a blessing! I hate that our babies are all growing up! And getting into fun stages like hitting each other and pushing :( boo!

10. I love that our house is open and there are constantly people coming and going. I hate that I have been a slacker on cleaning and the whole house really needs a good scrub today!

Happy Wednesday :) 

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kim said...

Just a comment on #10.... you havent been a've been too busy with #1-9! :)