Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Top Ramen Day -- with a twist

Do you ever just need to have top ramen? While I do love eating healthy and mostly the way it makes me feel, there are days I admit that only top ramen can satisfy.

With a nasty cold today is one of those days :( 

I think I somewhat justify it by adding a ton of extra stuff to make it a "little" better....but really the culprit lies in the noodles and packet of powder, which is terrible for you......but without doesn't taste like top ramen. oh well. 

I've made SO many variations of top ramen it's kind of strange! Today I loved this cause it satisfied my craving for hot comfort food top ramen with at least some added benefit. 

I added some kale, chard, carrots, edamame, corn and egg (make sure to add your egg at the end of your cooking time or it'll foam up!)

YUM :) 

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