Thursday, April 3, 2014

Less is More

I know I am not the first mommy to jump on the "less toys!!!" bandwagon but last week I felt like I had finally had it tripping over a gazillion toys in my toddler's room. But it wasn't only the toys everywhere that was bothering me, she was seeming to play in her room less often because there were simply too many toys in there. It was impossible to keep clean. This is a disgusting first world problem I know, but's reality. She has a little room and I have to work against my urge to throw EVERYTHING out. I don't like clutter and I have more than once regretted my ability to be very detached from items that have been tossed out/given away (my husband is the opposite, isn't that funny how that works!)

So we have created a system that keeps both of our slightly extreme tendencies in check. 
Things that are simply TRASH (i.e. used stickers, that random string of beads, PAPERS from church/preschool, etc) get tossed out. 
We then have large plastic bins that are marked "Toys for Later" that we rotate out. So I fill it with the toys that she hasn't played with in a week or two and sometimes bring one or two things out that she hasn't seen in a few months. It's like new toys all over again!

The room is left with a more simple set up toys wise. I have found that she is SO much more content playing in her room because she has less to choose from and can actually see her toys! She has her books, train set, and several things in her toy chest instead of barely being able to close the toy chest!!!  If any of you mommies are considering clearing out the clutter I say GO for it! Pass on the items your little one is done with and simple put away the ones you aren't sure about :) 
Happy Spring Clearing !


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