Saturday, June 28, 2014

Love Letter to my Babe! 6 years!

 (This is our first dance song!  :)

My love, 
How could I love you anymore than I do? 

I thought I loved you the most that day you knelt down in your parents barn and asked me to marry you. 
Those months of planning and dreaming about our life together only made me fall more in love with you. 

I was certain my love for you was at it's peak the day I walked down the isle and saw your tear filled eyes. To see your joy in marrying me made me know I could never love anyone like you.

Then my love grew into such steady trust as we joined hands and boarded that plane to India. Living there with you; sweating, serving and loving each other despite the conflicts (and heat!) made me certain this was what true, lasting love looked like. 

I knew I could never love you more than that moment you held my hands and whispered encouragement while I screamed and bore our first baby. Watching you hold and sway and kiss her face made me cry with love that was even more than before. 

Or was it more when we rebuilt, scraped, scrubbed and made a house that became our home. Those long days of working late, moving boxes and caring for a toddler made us love each in a new way.

Then I was sure my love could grow no more as we welcomed our son. The way you cared for me and the kids each moment of those days created a love for you so deep I knew nothing could surpass it. 

Yet here I am today, 6 years after saying "I do" with more love for you than I even know how to describe. I respect you more than any man I have ever known. You work tirelessly to provide for our family but never with an obligatory attitude but with love and service. You treasure and love me like Christ loves his church. 
I could ask for nothing better than you. I am yours forever! 

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Angela said...

Happy Anniversary. My seven year one is tomorrow! Dropping in from the Monday Hop.
Angela @ Time with A & N