Monday, June 2, 2014

STAYcation. It is what is sounds like

The last few days my little family have been on staycation. Stay huh huh ? 
Let me explain...

My husband had a weekend where he also had Thursday and Monday off so months ago we planned on going to the coast this weekend for a nice relaxing vacation. 

Then I went to the dentist. 
If you are a normal individual with dedicated dental cleanings every 6 months that shouldn't mean much. If you are like me however, and it's been........ 6 a few years then it means bad news is coming.

 I would like to say that time got away from me. That we lived out of the country, that had two babies and I just, oh somehow forgot? But lets be honest, I decided not to call and make those appointments. 
I had lots of dental work done as a kid; more than the average for sure. While both my sisters would go to their dental cleanings and have perfect results my brother and I dreaded those cleanings because at the end of the appointment, in came the dentist to check around for cavities and I would just sit there and wait to hear how many. We all 4 of us kids ate the same way, my mom limited our sugar, we didn't drink real soda, we brushed, we flossed (kinda) and we swished. But my teeth seemed to be out to get me. By age 15, I'd had 3 teeth pulled (because they wouldn't fall out........seriously who does that happen too!?) One tooth anchored down surgically (because it failed to come in after the previous tooth was pulled.....again, what?!), braces, retainer and countless fillings in those baby teeth -- $orry mom ! So apparently there was some subconscious reasoning in as to why I didn't want to go back as an adult. But oh, what a mistake :( Last weekend I finished getting my crown on (unfortunately not on my head) after 3 attempts to do a root canal which they finally finished. ouch ouch ouch. I have several (ahem) cavities and need my wisdom teeth out.

Now that I have given you my entire dental history (which I am sure was a thrilling read for you right?) this should explain why we ended up on staycation this weekend instead of napping on the beach. The impending dental bills unfortunately changed all those plans but my hubby is the best and rolled with it without any complaining! 

We already had days set aside so we made it a really fun vacation from home. We saved a ton of money and honestly, had a great time. I think we are/were surprised it was so much fun. 
The key was preparing for staycation the same way you would to leave on vacation. Get yard work done, clean the house, have groceries stocked and finish laundry, that way nothing can be tempting you while you are on staycation. 
We also planned out each day (even with naps and reading periods!) so that we would not get side tracked on doing a project really quick. THAT will be your biggest hurdle if you venture on a staycation. NOT allowing yourself to do projects or even the things you enjoy doing but do in your everyday life. We tried to do things out of our routine to make it feel that much more like a vacation. 
And it worked! 
We made extravagant meals, we read, we lounged, we napped, we went to museums and flea markets we had never been to, we got coffee, we ate pastries, we played in the sun, we swam, we window-shopped, we went to whole foods (yes this is uncharted territory and wow, fun), we got cupcakes, we had SO much fun. 
I am so sad it has come to a close but I am inspired to do this more often in the future. Maybe not for our actual planned vacation but to plan ahead for certain weekend to be simply REST weekends. Even just one day resting and recharging--you would be amazed. 
So if you are tight on money and feel curious to try a staycation; I say go for it!  


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