Friday, August 8, 2014

Camping with me!

Hi Friends!

My husband is slightly ashamed of this, but we have only been camping once since we had kids......and our daughter is almost 3. 

This is entirely due to me :) 

Am I a terrible person for not loving camping?!? Maybe. 
It's similar to not being a "dog person" somehow that correlates to "bad person"........another post for another day haha! 

In my defense I DID like camping prior to children! Being cozy in a tent for 2, hiking, sitting by the fire..............but that looks a little different with two kids not quite old enough to SIT still, let alone by a fire yet :) But it will be fun! My 3 year old will adore being outside ALL day and waking up with all 9 cousins right outside. 

We are going camping with my family -- that means there will be lots of food, children and noise. 
I am excited! We borrowed a tent trailer and Jeremy says it's the "breaking me into camping" gently item. I agree :) 

Pictures will follow!

Any last minute tips on camping with kiddos?! Keep in mind I am an over-packer.

We have lots of fun planned!

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