Saturday, June 25, 2016

For the past two weeks my husband and I have been trying to eat {really} well.

It's been a challenge lol. 

We're talking bone broths, salads, soups, salad, more salad, salad.....My kids told someone the other day that salad is their mommy's favorite food. NO IT'S NOT.

I'm about 11 weeks postpartum and didn't realize how much during this last pregnancy I just ate whatever-whenever :) I have a sensitive gut so I'm working backwards now to undo habits I formed those 9 10 months. I can't eat dairy usually, yet for some reason each time I am pregnant I'm able to tolerate it. So it's months of bliss eating ice cream, pizza {everything terrible for you} then a sudden jolt back to reality after each baby has been born. 

BUT this time around it was Jeremy's idea to eat well! Say whatttttt! The Wendy's eating guy I fell for 10 years ago is now a kale smoothie drinking man it's crazy haha! He said he really wanted to cut out things like processed foods, sugars, grains, etc. I was all for it! But yikes it's been harder than I remember. Before you freak out don't worry, I'm getting plenty of calories while breastfeeding :) I am making sure to eat LOTS -- just eating better things. Trading out process snacks or sugary treats for produce or protein. We both feel awesome except for our constant complaining to each other LOL. Which I have to agree is the worst. There's nothing more annoying than being around someone who's on some kinds of "diet" and listening to them complain the whole time. You wanna say "You're the one who decided to do this!" So we have been trying harddddd not to do that except when we are together then the flood gates of complaints open. 

We both love sugar and desserts so this is the largest area of weakness. If you have some healthy replacements send them my way! Then there's just cruel things like when I woke up yesterday I told Jeremy "you know what I want SO badly -- a pumpkin muffin with chocolate chips" Then he sent me this picture at his morning coffee meeting. RUDE. 

You also know you've hit a low when you dream about food. I literally had a dream last night that I was slicing a hot loaf of banana bread (my personal favorite) and eating the center piece (also my favorite) when I woke up. In spite of all the complaining it's felt so so good to kind of reset my system and get off the sugar gorging ride. Just in case you think I'm exaggerating the day he said he wanted to start this I had just bought a gallon size bag of sour gummy worms from the bins. Not for a party, for myself. 

I'm also unfortunately the kind of person where it's all or nothing. I can't seem to just have one spoonful of ice cream and call it good-I have that one bite I want the whole thing - then chips and salsa - then more sugar - then more salty. This is a bad cycle at 10 pm! 

Here are some of our favorite meals this week!

Bone broth egg drop soup with baby bok choy 
I follow this recipe

Salad bar with grilled veggies
I slice squash, onions and bell peppers if I have them and place in a gallon size zip lock bag with
1/4 cup Balsamic Vinegar
1/4 cup Soy Sauce
1/4 Cup olive oil
1/8 cup water. 
SERIOUSLY so good. Try it.

Bacon Avo burgers - squash cooked in marinade from above

so. much. lettuce.I snapped this pic because this particular lettuce is from farmers market and so pretty!

Protein power lunches! I prep a lot of this at once -- like cutting up veggies so I can just grab them

MMmmmmm pad Thai! I follow this recipe basically, with a few changes. It's the one from the back of the pad Thai sauce.........fancy I know.

Send your healthy recipes my way people! Need to change it up this week. And maybe I will have more determination not to reach into the freezer and have handfuls of frozen dark chocolate chips this week haha............or maybe not :)  

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