Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh Monday -- You're a bother!

Ya know those days where you have to be home so that a company can stop by "between noon and 5". GRrrrr so frustrating! I had to be around all morning waiting for some people to come fix something (very descriptive huh?!) but they found a gas leak so they couldn't do anything till PG&E comes out today to fix it, then they'll come back later today.
SOOOOOooooooo we're just stickin around here! Which would be fine if we didn't need to go grocery shopping. Of course I pushed it way too long and we literally have no food. (You think I'm kidding? I sent my husband without a lunch and I ate spinach with salad dressing on it for lunch.....yum? nope) But since we're here and all these bags of apples are going bad I decided to make applesauce. It's yummo! Try out his recipe it's amazing!

However, it came out really strong. So I'm making another plain batch now to add to it since it was pretty overpowering. At least it's a blustery and raining day to stay inside! 

Enjoy your Monday!!!

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Anonymous said...

New follower! Yummy for applesauce!