Monday, October 29, 2012

Rethinking it Monday

Instead of starting with the typical "'s Monday again.(insert to do list of laundry, cleaning, managing kids, cooking, etc)." Of course this is still true for my day today. But I'm not going to focus on the "tasks" I need to get done today. Doesn't that get old? Just being a busy bee all day every day. I want to invest my time in people. I know I've wrote about this before but it's just on my mind again today. Yesterday in church I heard a few things that are still on my mind and heart. 
It was on the subject of giving.
Giving our money, time, and talents. The area that most affected me was the giving of our time. We're very stingy with our time--or at least I can be. And sometimes rightly so. Time is so much more valuable than we realize. Most of us (especially those of us in our 20's) just assume we have an enormous amount of time left to do things we want to do, accomplish our goals and become the person God wants us to be. But the truth is that we never know where the end of the road is for us. Not trying to be all doom and gloom to start off the week !!!!! BUT if we realized how valuable our hours, days and weeks are maybe we would spend them differently. Maybe we would invest more time in people, in serving, in giving, in loving and in sharing the truth instead of doing things like scrolling facebook, watching tv and.........well you know. 
But then there are other times where we are too stingy with our time. We don't want to spend a second longer than needed doing things we don't like. Or going out of our way for people. Something I've realized a lot about my age group that is different from years past is our inability to commit to things. Instead of committing to something and sticking with it, lots of us hold out till the last minute to see if "something better" comes along. Even if we would enjoy being a part of that activity we don't want to be tied down just in case!  I think is a big bummer. We are losing out on the character and community building aspects of committing to something (whether it be an event, party, making a meal, helping someone move, being a part of a small group or Bible study, serving at an event, or whatever!) So I challenge you, 20 somethin's! If you're given the opportunity to be a part of something and you are available. Commit to being there. EVEN if something amazing comes up, I think there is great growth in sticking with what you've already committed to. 
Well anyways, that's not what I was going to write about this morning but oh well! Since Juliana was up until 3 am coughing last night and has a fever of 102 we're hanging around home today instead of going to a fall party :( Say a lil prayer for her if you think of it, and one for me too!!!!

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Mrs Hurley said...

I hope Juliana gets better. I totally understand you taking about twenty somethings and noncommitting. I have ended a lot of relationships due to peoples flakiness. It makes me feel like people don't value me when they constantly don't fulfill a commitment they made with me. I hope soon we can come visit your new abode ;) much love!!