Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sharing my Thursday playlist!

I'm having a mommy day today. 
Just lovin my girl and enjoying her at this stage right now! Not wishing she was little again or anticipating when she can do more. When I was unloading the dishwasher this morning my playlist was playing JJ Heller (who, by the way, if you haven't ever listened to you should NOW!) I always love her music --plus just a little shout out that she graduated from my same university-- but I especially love her new songs about motherhood. This song came on today, and of course before I knew it I was crying. Maybe it's because the name "Olivianna" is so close to my "Juliana" or just because the song is overwhelming---but it just made me stop and squeeze my baby! Enjoy your kiddos. They will be big before you know it. Stop and enjoy your time with them today and resist the urge to just "get through" the tasks before you. 

Since I'm on a sharing my music mood (hehe) here's two more for you! 

Happy Thursday!

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