Wednesday, July 3, 2013

36 weeks!!!!!!

How far along - 36 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Weight Gain - 23.............sigh

Morning sickness/nausea -NONE!

Physical changes - wow, where to start haha. TMI! Just the huge belly, bulging veins and the beginning of a waddle due to the fact that it now feels like a bowling ball is between my legs :) 

Pain - Varicose veins :( So bad I can hardly shave. Lots of downward pressure and tightness. Back ache and well......everything lol? Come on I'm 9 months pregnant!

Sleep - lots of bathroom trips, then I get hungry so I eat half a banana, then I am thirsty so I get more water, then my restless legs need to be stretched then I get back in bed but since I drank some water I have to pee again..................... oh the joys!

Stretchmarks - 1 on my belly :( A leftover from Jules!

Maternity clothes - yep yep yep, But it's SO HOT i basically want to just float in the pool all day!

Food cravings/aversions - It's been so hot honestly I can hardly eat very much. I drink a LOT of cold drinks and chew on the ice (i know i know) and cold watermelon :) 

Boy or Girl - My sweet boy with no name yet :) 

Lowlights of the week - Just not feeling "ready" I guess even though I still have weeks to go I know! But realizing my one on one time with Juliana is coming to a close and all the changes that happen with that. Also just feeling the normal anxiety that this birth is going to happen soon and I am not exactly excited about the pain. 

Highlights of the week - Going to the midwife today!!! Yay!!! Apparently our baby is about 6.5 lbs (oh my......still 4 weeks please no 9 lb baby!) and as she so kindly said "oh wow! nice big head".....................................................seriously!?!?! Don't tell me that lol!!!!! Talked through my birth plan and the tub and everything and am getting excited to just do this thing!

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