Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life These Days...waiting for baby

I'm sure you're all just sitting around waiting to get caught up on my life right? I know I know :)

We are awaiting the arrival of our boy maybe any day now!!! 
I am 37 weeks tomorrow so I will be full term ! eeeeeeeek!! You can know that feeling where you really want labor to come so you can meet and hold your baby, but you don't because that means you have to go through labor lol? That's where I am!
It's so funny how different things are the second time around. His "room" (which is half office/half baby room) is unorganized, not set up or decorated or anything remotely close lol. 

I figure he'll be sleeping with us the first few months anyways! But I do wish I was one of those people who had the nursery all adorable and perfectly touched up before baby came........apparently I'm too distracted with my toddler :/

I am surprised I am as nervous/anxious as I am this second time around. We have been taking Bradley Classes this time (side note.....we LOVED them, and feel so so much more prepared then last time!!!! Jeremy is going to be a great coach) and I am definitely more "prepared" this time since I know what's coming.........but I am anxious because...........I KNOW WHAT'S COMING haha. As much as I am tempted to get medication this time and be smiling through labor I just can't sacrifice that amazing feeling after and flood of emotions for me AND baby. I love that they are so alert and ready to nurse and I love that I don't feel foggy or out of control by drugs. But it's still hard knowing the pain that's coming.
 There is also the anxiety of knowing that life as it has been is coming to an end. I have often heard that going from 0-1 kids and 1-2 kids are the hardest transitions...............from there on out it's one more to add hahahaha!

I know she'll do great and be an adorable big sister but am I weird for almost being sad that the 2 years of just me and here days are almost over??? I am praying she adjusts well and that I can juggle the exhaustion of having a newborn with still spending one on one time with her :)
Anyways! I would be thrilled to be early again but am not counting on it so I won't be disappointed! I want to be ready but not expectant. I am tired constantly trying to leave my house clean "in case" or have things packed. I wish we could know when this little one is coming!!! But the expectation is so fun too :) I literally day dream about pulling him up onto my chest I can't wait!!!!!

ALSO maternity pics tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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