Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I will miss these nights...

Oh how I will miss these nights. 
The happy squeals when Daddy is finally home...
Making dinner and finally having time to try out new things, taste and create while listening to daddy play with kiddos
Gathering around our little table with our little family
Sending the 2 year old outside to kick the ball and soak up those last moments of daylight while my babe and I talk about our days and plan the next....with a little kissing maybe (hey, it's my blog right? :) 
Daddy giving kiddos a bath and listening to the songs of happy babies while I clean up and organize - this actually does make me very happy lol
Cuddling little ones to sleep and reading books and singing songs
Praying with and over my littles
Tip-toeing across the floor and realizing, FREEDOM
Gathering ice cream, wine and blankets and cuddling up on the couch
Talking, watching, and loving life together
I love these precious days with little hands and little feet
Of collapsing at the end of the day in pure exhaustion but full satisfaction 
Of course not every day is like this
Many dinners are spent with melting children and even more melting parents
tantrums over teeth brushing or bed ushering
screaming to sleep and waking often
But I still love these days and know I will miss them when school and schedules undo this sweet freedom days :) 

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