Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Talking with a toddler

This kind of conversation happens nearly every moment of every day around here. I have a not very verbal 2 year old, which can be challenging at times, but these simple, ridiculous, aggravating at times conversations will be gone soon LOL -- I hope?

When lunch is over and she watches one Justin Time, this is how things usually go down......

"OK it's naptime! Let grab your water and go in your room"
"Remember we don't say no to mommy, please choose to obey and grab your water"

like watching a glacier move I stand and wait for her to move the 2 ft from the couch to her doorway. At last we have made it to the door and I can encourage her all the long way to the bed. 

"Good job, lets get in bed and read a book"
"oh! my shoes!"
"It's ok we don't need shoes right now, how about you choose a book"
"um, ee hee (ok)"

We now move two steps closer to the bed. So close and yet so far. I make the mistake of going to the bed -- a whole 4 steps in front of her and now I can't have that gentle hand on the back of her head to keep her moving. 

"Keep moving please lets grab a book and get in bed"
"oh! my shoes!"
"We don't really need shoes on for bed"
"my white shoes!
 "We don't NEED shoes in bed but would you like to hold them in bed with you?"
"uh huh"

I dash to the closet and grab "the shoes" I know she is referring to. I put then near her pillow and plop her on the bed. Finally, IN bed. The deed in almost done. 

"Alright we have got your shoes, water and book. Let read!"

I begin to open the book...


She throws them off the bed. 

"Girly, you asked me to get your shoes. Please do not throw them off the bed. Say no thank you shoes instead".
"{sigh} Please do not say no, just say no thank you"
"no tank oo"

We finally read the book. I skip a few pages and she notices, so I go back again. We pray. We hug. I get up and begin to walk out. Freedom is SO close! 

"mama, shoes!!!!"
"Juliana, you said you didn't want your shoes. If you want them you can grab them from the floor"
"No mama do it"
"You do not need me to get your shoes, please get up and get them yourself."

Oh no. I just gave her the go ahead to get out of bed and before I can just grab the stinkin shoes for her she is up and out. Trying to stay on top of it I add:

"Ok great you got your shoes get back in bed!"
"Oh! My tutu too!!"
"No lets just get in bed you have your shoes"
"no tutu mm shoes too peas!!!!!"

I dash back in, grab the pink fluffy tutu from the closet, grab her and lay her down with shoes, tutu, water, and book before we have to start the process all over again.

"I love you, close your eyes love bug!"
"Noooooo shoes!"

She throws them and everything else off the bed. Then I debate about going back in for discipline and learning lessons or closing the door..... :) 

This was my last 15 minutes :) Sound familiar ? Haha gotta love 2 year olds. 

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