Monday, May 26, 2014

Don't suffer through a kale salad.........drink em up!

It's 3 pm.....and like clockwork everyday I want to munch on something
I usually want some form of sugar, fat or salt
Instead of just saying I won't snack or should eat a bowl of veggies is a non-reality I have come to grips with. If I don't have something then I will end up eating food that isn't good for me. Like my daughters goldfish or graham crackers (spread with pb and topped with choc. happens)

I give you my afternoon pick me up!

My version of the "green" drink! As much as I would love to be someone who can down an all green smoothie with ginger and lemon juice in it, no matter how I try I just can't. I don't like it and then start adding way more stuff to try and compensate the taste and before I know it I have a FULL blender of fruit, yogurt and anything else I could throw in !

That is why you actually do have to be careful with these smoothie blended drinks. You can easily drink in one glass (and quickly!) what would have been a plate full of food. This is why I make mine with lots of almond milk and ice for filler instead of tons of fruit. Cram as many greens as you want in there but watch your fruits and sweeteners. 

I make a million variations of this drink but this is the basic:

2 Cups Almond Milk (or milk)
Several cups of spinach or kale
1 cup ice
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
large scoop of peanut butter
quarter of a banana 
dash of honey (small)

Bananas are a high carb and sugar fruit so add only what you need for sweetness. 

Use only a little honey :) I know it's temping but it is a green drink after all!

This gives me the sweetness that my tongue is craving without the junk. I love watching my kiddo slurp up all those dark leafy greens!!! I usually pour the majority in my glass and then use what is left as the base for her smoothie to which I add more banana and frozen fruit.

Drink up and ENJOY~

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