Wednesday, May 22, 2013

200 followers post! --- Burlap Banner

HUGE shout out to all my readers and followers :) Thank you for following along! I thought I'd share a fun and easy burlap banner to celebrate! 

I am getting a little too obsessed with burlap : ) I love it! Plus it's so cheap! So for this banner I just cut a bunch of squares/rectangles 

Then I folded them in half and cut a V into the corner

Sine my living room is grey and goldenrod I got a bunch of cheap prints from Walmart (if you can stand waiting in for someone to come for 25 minutes to cut your fabric :) 

I printed the bird outlines from google. This is where I would have done it differently. I would have bought some of that amazing iron on paper, THEN cut the birds and then ironed them onto the burlap but oh well!

I pinned, cut and sewed the bird outlines onto the burlap pieces. 

All hung up!!! I love it!!!

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