Thursday, May 9, 2013

28 week update :)

How far along - 28 weeks!

Weight Gain - Why did I put this question in here to begin with? 16 lbs :( 

Morning sickness/nausea -NONE!

Physical changes - Much bigger belly! Not sure why my arms and rear need to get pregnant too but oh well!!!!

Pain - Varicose veins :( ug! And my hernia ouch ! 

Sleep - When Juliana sleeps  all night I sleep WONDERFULLY!

Stretchmarks - Not yet

Maternity clothes - oh yes. Living in skirts and leggings mostly :)

Food cravings/aversions -No real aversions but definitely cravings as you can read above! Anything cold and fresh.

Eating/drinking - Eating constantly! But I am definitely at that point now where I can really only eat half my food at most before it's too tight to breath. So there's lots of little meals:)  

Boy or Girl - My sweet boy :) 

Lowlights of the week - I don't like not being able to do things I usually can do like at the gym or with Jules because of the belly is getting big. After her nap she has always layed on my stomach while we cuddle and we've had to adjust to her leaning on me from the side but it's all temporary!

Highlights of the week - SO MUCH KICKING. Juliana never moved this much. Sometimes I feel literally sick because he never stops!

Anything to add - WONDERFUL news! My placenta moved out of the way already so I will have no complications with a natural delivery. Praise God! I am so happy ! Plus I never got to have an ultrasound this late with Jules it was SO FUN. I could see him sucking,moving  his lips, rubbing his eyes, it was so amazing. I can't wait to hold him!!!!

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