Thursday, May 30, 2013

After spending the weekend in L.A. I have spent my days this week constantly reminded of how much I love where I live. No offense at all to my L.A. dwellers -- but eeeeek I was happy to get home! I think when you grow up in a certain place you start to lose your appreciation for it. Which is only natural I guess. But every time I come back from a long trip or just a weekend away I am refreshed with the beauty around me. I can't imagine a more beautiful place that this -- being nestled in pine trees between stunning rivers and lakes and in all directions mere hours away from the snowy mountains, beach, bay and big city. 

I love sitting on my porch and breathing in fresh air that is so clean! I love this time of year when the hills are all green and literally everything reflects the beauty of our creator. I love that when I went to college I had to learn the hard way that people actually lock their cars since I never had. I love the adorable annual parade my town has that I take my kids too and can remember being in myself as a child. 

I love my town itself and as I drive around I see place after place full of memories. I love taking my daughter to the small library where I remember going as a kid, going shopping and remembering all the times with my girlfriends in Jr. High giggling uncontrollably through the same store, I love the hole in the wall Mongolian place and seeing the table from countless dates with my now hubby and I love the memories I'm making with my family now -- here -- in this amazing place! 

I am so glad it seems to be some kind of secret how great living here is because I know people would flock here and try to open a walmart or something LOL (gasp! there actually is an anti-walmart committee in my town :) 
Even today I got stuck in traffic on our freeway which never happens so I assumed something big and exciting had happened -- when low and behold we were all being funneled into one lane because someones pickup had dumped an entire bed of dirt in the middle of the freeway----I love it. 

Anyways, I am just being thankful and grateful for all my time I've been blessed to live here! I know I am beyond fortunate, we never know what the future holds but I will always love this place and call it home

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