Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pins Today :)

Here's what I am lovin and Pinnin today! 

This looks so refreshing and COLD and YUMMY :) 

I wish my BFF didn't live in feakin Virginia so we could take this picture! Although she would look like an apple is under her shirt whereas I look like I shoved a watermelon under mine :/ 

Ummm yum? Enough said! 

I could NO joke eat this all day everyday! LOVE it. Can't wait for heirloom tomatoes this summer!

I am loving this because of the rustic numbers and cute chevron "ish" wallpaper behind. 

Love this look. I am becoming obsessed with burlap ! Good thing it's cheap cheap cheap!

I am SO doing this in my bathroom! 

Enjoy your Thursday sweet readers!

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