Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fresh n' Healthy Quinoa Salad

I love making quinoa salads especially in summer because they are a great side dish that isn't heavy and so starchy. I love quinoa --  Me and everyone else right now right? :) It's the new "healthy grain". we are all becoming obsessed with.

For this salad (which is my most common go to one) I make sure to make the quinoa at least a few hours before otherwise it's too hot to work with.
You can basically throw anything in there and it'll work but I love
-- Black Beans (just rinse from a can)
--Cilantro (chopped)
--Corn (fresh is always best but frozen or canned would do)
--Red Onion (chopped)
--Cherry Tomatoes 

You can seriously add anything to this salad like bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, anything!
Then I mix a little "sauce" of sorts to blend it all together consisting of
Lime juice, cumin powder, salt, pepper, olive oil........and more lime juice! LOL

Mix it all together, throw on a paper plate and head to the pool! Enjoy!

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