Saturday, June 29, 2013

5 years!!!!

Yesterday was our 5 year anniversary! 
It's so fun to think back to that day and remember the joy, nerves and love that surrounded it. I was so excited to marry him and I am so filled with JOY that I did.

I think sometimes when you marry so young it's almost like you finish growing up together, like our lives have literally fused together as one. Seeing him as a dad now makes my heart seriously swell when I watch him kiss her or overhear him telling her how much he loves her! sigh!
We decided that since we are about to have baby #2 (eee!) we needed at least a little getaway! So our plan was to escape to Tahoe and leave Jules with my parents (overnight for the first time too!)
But once we started looking at places we realized that we just can't bring ourselves to pay $110 for the MOTEL 6 simply because it's June and peak season. So this may sound completely lame! But here's what we did and had so much fun haha!
 We dropped Jules off with my family and went out to a nice dinner -- Fats -- my absolute favorite. Jeremy had a list of all these really nice places but the 8 months pregnant person won that one and we ate our hearts out haha. 
Then we decided we could hurry and make it to World War Z.................ok............not my exact idea of an anniversary movie, but it was actually really good. And really really intense lol. 

We then walked around town and I was pretty devastated when we got to the cupcake place and they were closed :( But a girl was putting the trash out so Jeremy asked her if there were any cupcakes she could sell us  LOL (obviously I must have wanted them badly!) She ran inside and came out with a box of 2 amazing cupcakes and just gave them to us!!!!! 

We enjoyed coffee, cupcakes and live music. It is crazy how different you look at things once you are parents. We had so much fun not having to rush back for anything and staying out "late" haha.
The lame part of the story is then we went home ! But ya know what, we saved hundreds on that lol! And it was about the best thing ever to SLEEP ALL NIGHT and especially to sleep in as LONNNNNG as we wanted oh my gosh! Again, nothing like having a toddler or children to make you appreciate these small things! 

We took this picture on our way to breakfast so we would always remember what our "yard" progress looked like on our 5 year anniversary and me being almost due!

We had a huge amazing breakfast and then went to yard sales hehe, another thing we love to do but never can with Jules cause she hates getting in and out of the car a million times just for 2 seconds somewhere. 
Anyways, that was our fun "getaway" and we had so much fun!!! We both feel so refreshed and ready for baby boy, in a few weeks! 
I love this man! 

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