Monday, June 24, 2013

Stuffed Bell Peppers -- Easy meal!

Strangely I have never made stuffed bell peppers before but they were super easy and really good!! Of course if you are actually making these for company or planning ahead (what?) you could buy specific ingredients to make them even better. But for us they were the perfect side for a weeknight dinner full of stuff we had in our fridge :) 

I started by cutting them in half length wise.......while the other way (where you cut just the top off) is really cute and acts as a "cup" it was just too much for one person. I also like this direction because it's more pepper to filling ratio. 
Clean the insides out and put aside. I decided to try one red pepper and one green, I think orange or yellow would be great but they are always more expensive (someone explain this to me sometime mmmkay?) I liked the red because it became sweeter and the green was a little too bitter but it is up to your preferences! 

This picture is so "un-bloggy" and messy but ya know what, this is life haha! chopping up things as fast as you can before you toddler empties her milk on your foot or you burn something (because of course you're multi-tasking!) So for these I chopped up 
--1 white onion
--Grape Tomatoes
--Left over grilled corn on the cob
--Tofu (for mine only of course :) 
-- Left over cooked wild rice [TIP if you cook your wild rice in chicken stock it will always taste 1000x better!]

I sauteed the onions until softened and slightly caramelized along with chopped garlic, salt, pepper and the tofu. 
I then mixed the ingredients all together along with some shredded jack/cheddar cheese and filled each pepper.

Line your pan with foil and arrange the peppers, then cover with foil and bake at 375 for about 25 minutes

After 25 or so minutes sprinkle more cheese on top and place back in the oven till it's slightly browned. Yes I had to take the foil out from underneath because I ran out and needed it to cover them :) :) 

MMmmmmm We had it with steak and a great salad with dill dressing! Love! 


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