Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back to It :)

Yea! We finally have internet in our new place AND we are moved in! As much as I love the internet and netflix and has been nice to spend our evenings this whole week getting things done, reading, and just hanging out. Am I happy to have internet again as of today? YES! It is kind of sad how often we would go to "do" something that required the internet. We've had a great week of moving in, trying to make this new place a home and this weekend was our girl's first birthday party! (Pictures in a following post :) 

So here's me catching up on a few "posts" that didn't get up! 

My tip for the week -- when you're in a hurry, opt for the rotisserie chicken. Packed with flavor and slow roasted they make a perfect dinner simply because you can use them in so many different ways. The first night we always end up just eating pieces of chicken (usually cause it's late, per the rotisserie chicken to begin with) and we are hungry! But for the second and third nights you can strip all the chicken off (you'd be SHOCKED at how much is on there) and use it in pasta, soup, casserole, salad, etc. Finally, take the whole thing......well what's rest of it now anyways and instead of dumping it in the trash pop it in a pot of water with  a cut up onion, carrot and celery. You'll have a really good chicken stock for soup or future use! 

We had a really yummy ribbon squash and chicken pizza on the grill the other night! I used to always use pasta sauce (yes pre-made from a jar......gasp!) But I've realized that if you're adding meat that already has flavor on it or cheese, you really don't need all that extra flavor (not to mention the extra sodium) from the jarred sauce. I've just been spreading some tomato paste or olive oil with spices like thyme, basil and oregano. 

My view today :) One done and one to go! My mother in law is turning 60 on the same day my baby is turning 1! Some fun celebrations this week :) So we're throwing her a lil party!

Side note, do you like writing DONE or crossing things off your list?!?! I do! :) 

It's a salad kind of day :) I've been trying to have salad as my go to lunch every day. I've found it's a LOT easier if I have lettuce already cut up and veggies already sliced. Makes for a fast assembly and a more likely meal for me. I try to get all my lettuce cleaned and dried when I get home with groceries and veggies chopped and stored for the week. Doesn't usually happen but it's a nice thought right?!

One of my new favorite things for Jules is an idea I got from my sister in law. I cut a store bought otter pop in half, drain it, rinse it out and then refill it with the mixture of your choice! My sister did coconut water for her older kids. I just filled it about 75% with water then splashed in some apple juice. Refreeze and your kiddo can have a fun snack (minus the corn syrup!) For a teething little one, this is great cause they can gnaw on it for a while :)  

What a great Daddy stringing Cheerios on string for Juliana's party!  Love him!


Now we're off to our county's fair!!! Love my town :) Glad to be back blogging!!!

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