Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just movin fun.... :)

I am using the internet at our parents house to share some fun moving pictures! I am still working on my before and after pictures of each room so you'll have to wait to see those! (and there JUST MIGHT still be boxes so I'm not ready to show you yet........)

Forgive me while I go a little bit on picture overload........but come cute is she! Every time something was packed she had to find a way to either unpack it or crawl inside it :) 

We feel like we live at Home Depot right now........seriously

I can climb! :) 

"Helping" Daddy :) don't worry we didn't let her stick it in the outlet :)

I am so Thankful for all our family and friends who have helped us! We are in our house and getting things organized :) Hope to have internet soon! 
Now I'm off to work on adorable and completely unnecessary projects for Juliana's 1st Birthday this weekend!  

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