Thursday, November 1, 2012

Food for Thought..... literally!

I have never written a post about food/dieting for because A. I don't really seek out controversy and B. I'm not a highly educated nutritionist and therefore worry that I will say something dumb! BUT I can have an opinion based off of my findings and research right? : )

What pushed me over the edge this morning was my little browse of Pinterest. One pin caught my eye. It was labeled, "Fat Burning Food". It had things like Wheat, Oatmeal, Bananas, etc. SOooooooo in my curiosity I typed in "Fat Burning Food" into Pinterest to see what pictures came up. There is everything from detox tea, to fat burning cookies (really???!?!) to pancakes to smoothies, and much more. The argument you'll mainly hear today is that it's not animal fats that are making us Fat, it's carbs and processed food. 

I am super excited about this guest post today!
I asked my sister Kim to write up a little bit about what she has recently been discovering about food and our bodies. Her family  (as well as our extended family!) has literally been completely changed by this new food finding. She has read so much and learned a ton so I am excited to share what she has to say!

Trick or Truth:
 What is the reality about the S.A.D.(Standard American Diet)?

            Most Americans are setting aside October 31st as a day to gorge on tons of candy full of sugar, artificial flavors and colors. It’s also a time when many of us parents stop and ponder the amount of sugar our kids are taking in. We say “Everything in moderation,” or “It’s just one day; it won’t kill them!” But just as the trick-or-treat pillowcases begin to empty, it will be time for Thanksgiving and Christmas “goodies.”   

Recently, due to personal health issues, my family and I began a food journey of discovery. We read lots of books, watched lots of documentaries, asked questions, visited farms, changed our eating and purchasing—with amazing results.  One family member has successfully reversed her bad cholesterol to current cholesterol numbers that her doctor calls “excellent.” Another family member (my DHJ) has eliminated his asthma, eczema, and most of his seasonal allergies. Multiple family members have lost weight effortlessly while eating healthy fats and without exercising.

So with Halloween and the piles of candy as a launching pad, join us and take a radical look at why the things you eat are making you overweight(or underweight), tired, on a blood-sugar roller-coaster, depressed, or exacerbating conditions such as diabetes, bad cholesterol, asthma, allergies, eczema, and more, check out these resources:

Fat Head

The McGovern Report

Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

King Corn

Food Inc.

This book is DEFINITELY worth a read, a real eye opener!

For a host of other topics on real, traditional foods and why “new” foods are bad, visit

So much great information that can get you thinking!!!!
  • Has anyone already discovered this and seen the results?! 
  • What do you think about the "low fat/whole grain" foods we have been believing are good for us?

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