Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pinning to Christmas Music.......ahhhhhhh :)

Do you ever have days that just zoom by and you CAN'T believe it's already evening? 
Today is the opposite! haha. I cannot believe it's only 11:20 am..........We've had company, gone for a walk, worked on Christmas presents, did some sewing projects, cleaned up the house and now have a play buddy over. It's amazing what can happen when Juliana wakes up an hour earlier than normal (and dragging me out of bed :) I wish I didn't wait until I heard her in the monitor to get up. I could accomplish so much if I just got up 30 minutes before her! But every morning.........I decide, "uh, nope!" 

I'm pretty much in love with Pinterest's new "Secret Boards". FINALLY I can pin Christmas presents and my family won't see them (insert evil laugh here :) 

Here's some non-secrets I'm pinning today

For flowers by the window

Sorry if this offends anyone!!! But it IS awesome! I love this idea for parties :) 

Delicious hot soups!

LOVE this :) 

You've got mail!

Well I'm off to chase the 2 one year olds that are doing a good job leaving a destructive path :) 

Happy Thursday! 

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