Thursday, November 8, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

What am I thinking as I write:

1. Peanut M&M's are probably not the best afternoon snack. Actually I know they aren't. I should be snacking on carrots or something that will not make me feel sluggish. 

2. I love that Juliana has been taking 3 hour naps the last 4 days. Could this be the new normal please? I get so much done! (or I get so much rest haha)

3. I know this sounds like I've been living in a cave......but Story Time at the library? So fun!!!! Not that Juliana sat through more than one book, but the library overall is such fun! (Again.....I know everyone probably already knows this). 

4. As I was laying here on the couch doing my Bible Study God brought so many things to my mind. I love that he continues to work in my heart on even the most usual of days. I've been coming more and more aware of how often I compartmentalize my life. Spiritual Life/Married Life/Mommyhood/Everything Else. My spiritual life -- my walk with God isn't one aspect of my life, it's every aspect of my life. I am serving my family and serving him when I'm unloading the dishwasher or reading Juliana a book just as much as when I'm in church or serving a neighbor. It's about my heart and my constant attitude of being with Him. 

5. I am loving planning this baby shower for my dear friend! Is it possible that I am more excited about the arrival of her baby boy than she is?!?! No :) But I am getting pretty excited and can't wait to celebrate him! Baby Alex I am in love with you already!!!!!

6. I need to start working on Christmas presents!!!!!! My family does homemade Christmas every year and this year I feel a bit ideas. (lets not talk about the actual "STARTING" phase, but behind in the brainstorming stage.)

7. I used to love One Tree Hill --- I love the memories of watching it with my bestie in high school and eating teddy grahams. But like everything else, it's now all about sex. Literally that's what the whole show is about now. Lame.

8. I love my daughter, I love my husband and I love my life! I could love it because of how blessed I am, because I have a nice warm house, because I live in America where I get to have an opinion, because I am healthy, etc but that's not why I have joy. Joy is not dependent on circumstances -- but I have joy because God loved us enough to send his son to die for us. He wants to spend eternity with us. That God loves us. If this life was it what on earth is the point? The mundane things of the day become completely meaningless. There is more to life. There is life to come. 

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