Monday, November 26, 2012

What having a constantly sick baby can teach you

Today as I was starting to grown and grunt about being "held back" from yet another thing due to my child being sick I began to think about all the things I have learned not only through being a mom, but during the times when being a mom isn't so fun --like when you're kids are sick. 

I guess my title is a bit dramatic. My child doesn't have some fatal disease or cancer so I cannot even begin to complain!!! And I guess it should read toddler now that she's 15 months :( Anyway! Ever since around 4 months, Juliana has seemed to catch ever little flu and bug. At 5 months she got very sick with a high fever, throwing up and lots more, and we had to go to the ER :( After 5 days they finally took her blood but said she just had had a virus. 
(picture of when she was little and trying to get that fever down!)

Next time she got a cold she had the same -- High Fever and (usually) throw up. This has continued for much of her 15 months of life! This past weekend when we were at the dr (I think they should have a standing weekly appointment for me haha) they said that she is the type that whenever she gets even the mildest of colds her body just reacts by getting high and long fevers and usually throw up is involved at least once lol! lovely. The girl who used to run and gag if people even talked of throwing up now has the kid who perpetually vomits. Are we sensing God's sense of humor yet? 

Today I began reflecting on how much I am learning and still have yet to learn. God is using these little sicknesses to work in my life. Crazy huh. I have always been a bad worrier. Anything I can find to be anxious about I will. So I have had to work and work and work on continually surrendering my child back to God (who loves her MORE than I do!) and knowing her is holding her, watching over her, and keeping her safe. Instead of laying awake listening to the monitor I've turned up far too loud, I've tried to relax and fall asleep praying. The other night is a great example. After a fun dinner out, Jules started throwing up in her car seat (if I had been reading this 2 years ago I would already be gagging just thinking about it). We're not talking a small amount of milk like she used to, we're talking lots of lots of.........ya know. Thankfully my hubby was driving so I got to hold handfuls of vomit until we could stop the car. Once we got home and my sad little lady was in bed. I just laid there praying and praying that we would not have a long week of a high fever again, that the throwing up would be done for the night. Well! I woke up the next morning and she seemed better and all those things had been answered! BUT in typical me fashion, I started worrying and praying that as the day progressed she wouldn't get sick again instead of realizing how he had blessed our night! So the first lesson I'm working on learning -- Stop worrying! I know I could give it excuses like, "Oh, I'm a mom it's what I do" or "I will always worry about my kids, it's ok!" I've decided I can't live worrying like that all the time. I trust God, but when I worry I'm not acting like it. She is His, she always has been. 

When your kid is sick it also means less fun for you. Not only because you'll be cleaning up puke and snot, but because you'll miss out on social outings! Sometimes I feel like I go a little insane after a couple sick days at home where I've had little adult interaction! But as much of a bummer as it is to miss stuff (especially for someone like me who hates to miss anything) it's part of sacrificing for your family and your child. There have been so many times where I've pushed it taking her out when I know she's sick and everyone ends up suffering because of it! Putting your family and kids above yourself isn't always fun, but it's what pleases God and boy it teaches you a lot in the process. 

Today she woke up with a cold LOL, which now makes for over a week of solid sicknesses, but we'll just deal with that! I hope everyone else is surviving with there sick kiddos! (And hopefully they aren't sick as often as mine!)

Happy Monday haha!!!!

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