Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear God
Thank you for being our source of hope. Thank you for what your word is teaching me this week. Thank you for not leaving us abandoned and alone....but giving us your words of life that are so easily accessible to us. So many people have so many questions about you yet we don't take the time or invest the effort to simply read your word! I am guilty of asking hard and difficult questions of you and not seeking out the answers in your word. Thank you for your patience with me and your spirit that guides me. 

Dear Husband
I am secretly very happy that you had to take a couple days off of working morning to night on our house and your two jobs to prepare a sermon for church. I have loved seeing you so much the past few days and the I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! You are working so hard to get us moved in and I am so grateful. You're message on Sunday will ROCK! You've worked hard and I love seeing what God is teaching you every day. 

Dear Daughter,
I always say, "You're adorable" "You're precious" and "I love you" so I will just repeat those along with.........please stop shaking your head NO at me! As adorable as it is I sometimes am so surprised to see so much spirit in such a small person!!! I love your new game of bringing me things from the around the house. I smile when I open up the shower curtain and see a million toys dropped in the tub, although I don't always love cleaning them up. One request sweet girl...........please say Mama. Dada is a sweet word I love hearing you say, but it's time. Mama is waiting!!!! 

Dear Costco
Why do you have to sell so many amazing things? I feel like a fatty excitedly running from sample to sample but I can't help it. Your cakes and muffins always taunt me and I'm happy to say I passed them by today....though I may have left a drop of drool behind. Gross. Ok.

How cute is Jules pushing the cart at Costco with Nonni??? She wanted to walk! Not be goodness. 

Dear Ergo
Thank you for transitioning to a backpack now that my child is far too big to be needing to be held but has decided lately to attach herself to me. You made cleaning the tracks of our windows easy

Dear Mommies out there
My daughter has all the sudden changed the past week or so to basically clinging herself to me. Is this a stage?!?! I thought we passed that stage already. She's almost a year and I can't say it doesn't frustrate me sometimes when she starts crying when my mom or husband takes her. Heaven forbid I have to go to the bathroom!!! I love holding her but just curious why she is doing this??

Dear Body,
I am really tired of you not really feeling good most of the time and my skin looking like I have leprosy on my hands. I am trying no sugar....including fruit which is so hard for I have read lots about this possibly being a yeast imbalance in the system....sorry tmi! I will be sharing more about my days of no sugar in a later post :( Right now the separation from my chocolate chips is too sensitive to write about. hahaha

Dear Wallpaper that refuses to come off
I will win. 
Actually no I won't :( You were stuck on so tight that even after hours of scrapping and pealing there were still remnants left. So we had to sand your remains down to flat and have the drywall guy fix you up. Maybe you were just so attached to this house you didn't want to leave!!

Dear Phone
Thank you for not breaking even though I drop you several times a day and all your pieces go scattering across the cement. I am glad you are not a smart phone otherwise you would be dead. You text and call which is all I need! Good job!

Dear Paint Samples
Good bye. I am done with you. 

Not really but I can dream right? We are so close to painting and I need to make decisions!!!! 

Thank you for reading!!! Happy Friday!!!



Ellie P. said...

Ha!!!!! About the ergo - my kids have only liked it when on my back (and after a year old). Did you find that with her as well? Wish Rhys liked it (my back is beginning to hurt with the Bjorn)!

Beth said...

Love to find a person with such faith! Also: my cousin has serious yeast imbalance issues and it made her sick. She found a whollistic dr out something? Hope they find what is happening soon! And visit pintrest to find cute things to do with left over paint chips! :)

Glad you posted at my blog so I could find you!:)

BeaumontGirl said...

Thank you so much for all those kind words Beth!!!!

BeaumontGirl said... know, she never really loved the kind of forced her legs to be in a weird position. But she likes it on my back for a little while. It's just so hot !!! And Ya, the Bjorne does hurt your back!!!

theoates said...

Yay you figured out the "You might be interested...":)

Yes, sweet niece will go through many phases lik this. Actually, you ould be surprised--with the move and changes, even the babies pick up on the aadded stress.

Grace said...

My daughter goes through crazy stages too! I'm her little minion right now :( glad you found my blog so i could find yours!

BeaumontGirl said...

haha, it's true huh :( Happy Monday!!!!!

Rebecca Nalley said...

Sweet post!! I found your blog through Melissa's GFC blog hop and I'm so glad I did! My husband was a youth pastor for about 25 years. And we ministered to thousands of teens over the years! We still hear from some of them, testimonies of how Jesus Christ changed their lives and we are amazed that God allowed us to be a part of that!! Galatians6:9 says "and let us not grow weary while doing good. For in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. " a very good scripture to memorize when working with youth!! <3

BeaumontGirl said...

Thank you so much Rebecca for commenting and coming by!!! So glad to meet you :)

Thia Tee said...

YOUR BLOG IS SUPER CUTE!!!! I love all these instructive ideas! So smart!
congrats on moving houses :) well at least that's the impression i am getting from ur latest post!
hope all goes well