Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Family in a Nutshell :)

Had fun the other night celebrating my Mom's birthday and good ol family time! For those of you that haven't met my family, they are loud, fun and well........loud! But I LOVE them! I'm the youngest of 4 which we are now 8 since from the very beginning my parents made it clear that our spouses were also their children :) I appreciate that! I love that when we get together there is always amazing food, really good conversation and lots of time spent sitting around the table talking. I love that the conversation varies from what God is doing in our lives to food to travel to how to more actively spread the gospel in our city. This absolutely does not mean my family is perfect and free of issues. Of course not. BUT over the past few years I've really been challenged to work on and grow those family relationships because I've seen how friends can come and go, but your family is always there (good OR bad!) So it really is one of those places where you'd like to have deep, meaningful relationships. 
My family often breaks out into song and dance.....a fact that for years really embarrassed me (especially when friends were over) and..............lets be honest.........still does embarrass me! However I would never trade the laughter and fun we all have! Now that we are all married with kids it's only that much better! For some reason the other night we got onto the conversation of squatting......ya know as in squatting for using the restroom in other of course we all had to try out our squat! Mmmmkay! 

Mom and Kim (good job mom didn't even drop your wine hahah!)

Laura and.....Dad that isn't quite it!

There ya go! Even with  your bad knees!

Scott........and Jon observing from the swing!

Way to go babe! 

MMMMMmmmmm gotta have yummy Caprese while squatting lol ;) 

Anyways, I hope I encouraged you to invest in your family today!!! 


Lindsay said...

Mmmm, that caprese looks AWESOME! thanks for stopping by three peas today, i'm your newest follower, xo!

Roshni AaMom said...

It does look delicious!! Love how your family has such awesome fun together! I too love being part of a large family!!