Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Testing Testing......1 2 3

This week I decided to test out some of the Pins I've seen on Pinterest :) 

The first was cleaning my make-up brushes. I have always just used hand soap so I thought I'd give this a try. 
(p.s............isn't it kind of funny that they used a stemless wine glass for this?!? made me laugh :)

Here's mine! Poured about a teaspoon of wash in with warm water and I barely had to move my brush around before I saw the water start growing murky! I only had baby shampoo, but it really worked great! It left my brushes really soft :) 

Ewwwwwwe look at the water after :( 

Always make sure to lay your brushes on their side so the glue holding them together doesn't dissolve. 

The next pin I was dying to try was the pop corn in a brown bag "trick". I assumed it had to be a trick because literally all it is is about 1/4 cup of pop corn kernels in a brown bag. You fold the brown bag over twice and pop it in the microwave till you hear the popping stop. 

You seriously have to try this!!!! I will never buy pop corn with all those gross oils and salts again! What is so fun about this is (not only is it significantly cheaper!!!) but you can add salt, butter, chocolate chips (of course I would say that.......... !) or anything!

Baby asleep and yummo pop corn.....we are happy!!!

Sooooo this one I am going to try again. I didn't even both getting a picture because it was a big mess. It ran all over the pan and my oven so maybe my dough needed more flour to be used this way :) I will try again because they look fun!

Among the many cleaning ideas I want to try from Pinterest, I had to try this one cause water spots really bug me! But this one disappointed :( It left streaks and residue even though washed and rinsed.

Here's mine! I guess I'll just stick with my cleaner and baby oil :) It keeps it shiny!!

Pins to Try Soon!

I guess someone could talk me into making this......

And with all my paint samples :) This is a must! Just pick a strip you like and ask for a sample of each color on the strip!

I've been meaning to do this one for so long!!! Excited to make my pans look new :)

Does Pinterest make you want to do sit ups one second then make cinnamon rolls the next???? 

Happy Pinning!


Jill J @ Classy with a Kick said...

I tried the lemon trick and was SOO excited but it did nothing! What is your baby oil / cleaner trick??

xo, jill from

Kristen Wright said...

love all the reviews!!! i've heard the cookie dough thing was tricky!! hope to hear how you get it to work!!!

BeaumontGirl said...

After I scrub with my cleaner (usually comet or lysol spray)I put some baby oil on a cotton ball and "grease the handle up". It looks nice longer than if I did nothing but still doesn't last the whole week till it's time to clean again!! Thanks for coming by! :)

BeaumontGirl said...

For real!!! I was so excited :( But it was such a mess! I think more flour would make it less runny :) will let you know!

Heidi said...

I love when people do reviews on stuff they've tried from Pinterest! I just tried my first Pinterest project tonight and it worked! yay :) I am so going to try the popcorn in the paper bag, it really worked? You don't have to add anything else?

Mom of A and a said...

thanks a lot for the makeup brush tip! We already make our own popcorn and it's so's so easy and you can add your own stuff on it!!

Jon Oates said...

Good post Anne. We do the popcorn thing. One note of caution if you add butter or other things double up the bags. Craisins and cinnamon are really good. Or Cinnamon and sugar mixed.

Beth said...

Love seeing you try pintrest ideas! I usually pin and dream. :) Love the popcorn idea...this will be added to my kitchen. So much healthier.

LeiShell said...

Great pins! I am gonna try the popcorn! And I have been wanting to try the cookie molds too!

Christina Morley said...

I love this post! I recently joined Pinterest a few months ago, only because I read that it's a good place to be for bloggers. I'm glad I did! I'm in South Africa, by the way, that's why I might be behind with the times, like with Pinterest. Hahaha!

Thanks for visiting my blog Happy Moms, Happy Homes. I'll be leaving you a comment there as well. Following you back! God bless!

Thyme Lule said...

Pinterest can be awful! While viewing healthy snacks I'm lusting over brownies! Love it thought! Your newest follower, Thyme

N|MΛRIE said...

Oh this is SO great! I always see all of these and am dying to try them! I've GOT to do the brushes!

♥ Nicole @ Me + the Moon