Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear New House, 
Wow!!! The day has come! We are moving in! I am so excited! :) You look so nice and new with pretty paint colors and even floors haha. I think you will feel much more like home once everything is in it's place. I look forward to lots of memories and conversation at this place! God is so good to bless with a house to use as a tool for ministry :)

Dear Old House,
I will miss you.
I know you are an apartment above a vet clinic (specifically above the animal boarding kennel), overlook the highway and neighbors with the tire factory. But I love you! You were our home for so many amazing events in our life and I can't believe we've lived longer here than anywhere else! You were a great home, and I feel slightly territorial over you!

Dear Hubs, 
You are working so hard :( I know I always say that, but this week is unlike anything else. Going to the new house before work, working all day, then going back till midnight every day is insane :( Thank you for ALL your work to get us moved in today! I love, appreciate and admire the heck out of you!

Dear Nutella, 
Please move yourself back to the pantry. Because I seem to be lacking the willpower to do so. I soon ditch all items (pieces of bagel, apple slice, even tortilla chips......yes you heard me) whose sole purpose is to be a vessel and just grab the spoon. Call me fat yet!?!?

Dear JuJu B,
I love the adorable new nickname your 2 year old cousin gave you. Adorable! You have handles all the changes so well baby girl! People in the house packing your stuff up, a "construction site" of a new house! We're so close to getting you in YOUR OWN ROOM (praise the Lord!)
Dear Summer,
Why are you over?!? I do NOT give you permission to be over yet! I've spent the whole summer working on house stuff and not nearly enough time at the pool, river or lake! Please extend yourself another month for me, sincerely, Anne. 

Dear Family
Thank you thank you thank you thank you. For your hours of hard work to help us get into our house today. Without your painting, moving, babysitting skills we would be no where near moving in! What a blessing family is!!!!!

Dear Boxes,
Could you please go unpack yourselves into all the right places? Thanks!


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Beth said...

Nutella made it in my letter this week! ;) Congrats on the nee forward to seeing it!