Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paints and Pins

My husband and I recently bought our first house. VERY exciting, but lots of work :) My family has never been the type that buys houses and moves into them shortly after.....so I have grown up accustomed to putting lots of work into houses and seeing the "potential". I love our new house :) But built in the 40's it has a lot of issues..........including practically every wall and floor being crooked :S
 They have jacked up the floor to help with the corner of the living room sinking (lovely...) and torn out walls so they could rebuild them straight. After a month of lots of long days for my husband.....we are getting near the paint stage!!!! 

Since we've always lived in apartments I have never really thought much about paint. I figured I would just go pick some when the time got near.......yikes. I was wrong. Picking colors for every room in the house has kind of overwhelmed me a little. How sad and pathetic that I'm overwhelmed picking PAINT colors for my new house..........????? Yes there are much bigger issues in life, and this is not worth the amount of time/thought I have put into it!
Grey, grey, grey......I am in love with grey :) But who knew greys were so hard!!! (Apparently everyone but me). I keep thinking I've found the one but when it goes on the wall it suddenly looks green or brown or blue. So I've decided who really cares......I'm just gonna pick one! In case any of you are having a similar dilemma my favorites so far are.

BEHR Northern Cliffs

BEHR Dolphin Fin

BEHR Silver Sateen

Sooooo...... yes I need to finish picking colors ;) But what am I doing? Pinning :) Decor ideas for the house of course because lets face it........that's the fun part! So I might as well shares today's pins with you :) 

I love this color! Thinking something similar for my laundry room.......which side note........I'M GOING TO HAVE A LAUNDRY ROOM! We've never had a washer or dryer so this is quite exciting!!!!!

Among the millions of cute headboard ideas on Pinterest.....I thought these were fun!

And I loooooove this idea :) Now I just need to keep my eye out for adorable vintage suitcases LOL :)

Anyway that's it for today! My daughter has apparently decided today is a "being held" day so I can't type with one hand anymore :) 


Heidi said...

We have grey in our house too. I love grey :)

BeaumontGirl said...

What color and brand?! do you like it :) ??

Jon Oates said...

I like the dolphin. btw fifty shades of grey ispretty racy novel. Fyi.

Sapir said...

Congrats on your new house! I'd never really considered gray as a wall color before but I like how it looks in those pictures! I also love that picture with the old suitcases! I've always loved the look of those type of suitcases! Can't wait to hear how everything turns out!
Sapir @ coffeebooksandairplanes.blogspot.com

Alexis [Living the WifeStyle] said...

Hey girl! I'm stopping by from the blog hop. I'm one of the co-hosts! Thanks for linking up!

Looking forward to getting to know you better! :)


LeiShell said...

I loved the pictures. Especially the pillow head board. I am so doing that! Congrats on your new house! How exciting! We just moved to our second and this one needed a lot less work, it was weird!

Mindy M. Harris said...

found u thru the mom's monday mingle and now follow through GFC! hope to see you again in the blogosphere!

LaurenLo{me}LoloLC said...

I have had a house for many years now...the painting never ends! Love your inspiration boards...I have a few of those pinned myself!


Nicholl Vincent said...

these are my colors for out house being built! i love it! my fave is the silver one. congrats on the house!

Have a fantastic day! Stop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello! :)

BeaumontGirl said...

Thanks for stopping by, I always love your blog :)