Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm sure you were just waiting around to read what I have done today :)

Well folks, we are in the full swing of discipline over here. I am thrilled my girl is growing but I have to say, the first year of simple sweetness is wonderful. She has now purposefully been disobeying, isn't that fun! 

It's like she's picked certain things to repeat over and over, like emptying my plants of their dirt. lol. Today has been at least 5 times of me walking in and her stopping mid-grab, watching my reaction with her handfuls of dirt. And as I approach to say no  (and sometimes is also hard to keep a straight face cause she's just so CUTE even when she's being defiant!), she runs away. Lovely. Once I've snatched her and am trying to return her to the plant to empty her hands and have a "sweet little teaching moment" she collapses herself on the ground and refuses to make eye contact. WOW --- human nature 101!!!! And who says we're not sinful in nature?!?!?!

So we've been doing a lot of that this morning. She also bit me for the first time today :( Right through my skin :( I hope my daughter is not that kid who bites other people's kids!!! We will work on this one hard as well! NO biting!!!!! She's been getting really frustrated lately when she can't communicate what she wants, so I'm trying to teach her signs and other ways to get help or attention if she needs something. 

Poor girl is also on antibiotics cause our kitten scratched her and it got infected. Say what?!?! This child, she gets everything.

It's amazing how much I underestimated what she can understand. I still treat her as if she has no clue what's going on so Jeremy and I started doing little tests. Telling her to go do this or that or grab me this or give daddy that. She gets it ALL! So she definitely understands what she is not supposed to do :) 

In other news! I am 8 weeks pregnant and feelin it!!!! Sick sick sick but I know it will pass soon. Carbonation helps a lot. You also know you're in this phase of pregnancy when you start realizing all the places you could lay down to take a nap as you're working around your house! I went to pick something off the floor and the thought going through my mind was "I could just lean up against the wall right there......" REALLY!?!? So  funny.
I am also determined to keep a pregnancy journal this time! Maybe I will use my blog to keep me accountable :) 

Jeremy proposed 5 years ago today :) Love him! 
Seems so long ago! I love that we are more in love now than we were then.....that it just keeps getting better :) 

And lastly our house is a Christmas bomb. Wrapping paper, crafts, cookies along with the usual dishes and laundry makes it look like a tornado went through. So I'm off to tackle that while I still have some of her nap time left! 

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