Sunday, December 9, 2012

Update Time!

We've had a fun past few weeks around here! Here's what's been going on in our little family 

 Found out I was pregnant on Thanksgiving morning :) Such a fun surprise! We are so excited for Baby #2! I can't wait to see my precious girl as a big sister. 

We got to go out on a fun date to celebrate our new baby coming :) Sometimes life just gets SO busy it's hard to remember to take the time to make these memories!

Had such a fun night at the lights parade last night! Love this town :) 

We got a kitten!!!! Juliana LOOOOOVES him! I couldn't be happier that he lets her "pet" him (more like hitting him......working on that!) and he comes up to her an plays with her! Love it!

Me, my baby and baby kitty! (Don't mind the orange peal she is spitting out)

Our house has been stomach flu city this past week and a half :( Jules came down with it and right when she got better Jeremy started. I am still to go :( :( :( oh joy.

Along with this exciting pregnancy I have been SO much more nauseous than last time. Seriously I have felt like I am going to throw up, all day every day for over a week. Dry toast and tea have been my staple :( PLEASE go away soon! Hurry up 2nd Trimester! 

hahaha we saw this online and thought it was a hilarious announcement! 

Christmas time!!!!!!!!!!! We are working away on presents and homemade goodies! If I have to be stuck at home with a bunch of sickos at least I can look at my tree and listen to fun music. 

And right now I'm plopped on the couch eating an entire box of sour candy while baby love sleeps :) 

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Jessie said...

Yay! Congrats on #2!!!
I hope you get feeling better soon. :)

Jessie @Life With the Larsons