Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Hubby!
Your daily hard work does NOT go unnoticed! What a guy to work all day and come home on your lunch break to hook up our washer instead of relaxing before you go back. I love watching you play with Jules, melts my heart every time! She loves you so much and I love watching her run when you come in the door from work. 

Dear Jules,
You are SWEETNESS! I love catching you sitting in your room flipping through your books like such a sweetheart! Though this week we've been having lots of disciplining moments, it's only because I love you! I am here to teach you all the things that are right and good instead of what your sinful nature would like you to do :) You've done such a good job with not emptying my plants! Now lets work on being nice to baby kitty instead of carrying it around by it's neck hahahha.

Dear Me, 
Just because you're pregnant, nauseous and constantly cleaning doesn't mean you can stay in your sweats, not wear make-up and try to rock the messy bun. Remember you said you'd never turn into "that person!" well here she is in all her glory. Get it together! LOL

Dear Nap time, 
Thanks for suddenly becoming a very unproductive time! No matter how motivated I am (or how much I've told myself I will get done while she naps!), once I leave that dark, lullaby music room it's all I can do to not collapse on the couch! 

Dear Flu Bug,
STOP COMING AROUND! You are NOT welcome in my home! I mean seriously, how many times can you cycle around. My daughter is trying to GAIN weight so she can't afford another bug. Thank you and goodbye!

Dear Winter,
We are no longer friends. I never have liked your cold, dark self but now with a 1 year old who is constantly sick I don't like you AT ALL. So hurry up summer months! I miss you! Juliana thinks inside "fun" is only fun for so long, we both want to go out and play without becoming ice cycles.

Dear Elmo, 
Though my daughter had never seen you in any way shape or form somehow you made your way into our home and apparently into her heart. Whoever created you did an excellent job determining how to captivate a 1 year old! Now everything Elmo is ALL she wants! my goodness!

Dear Baby #2,
I am sorry I keep forgetting to pray for you and think about you!!!! Is this the start of what 2 kids is like? hahaha. With Jules my pregnancy is all I thought about now I'm so preoccupied taking care of her I sometimes get so excited when I remember, "Oh yea! I'm pregnant!" I love you and do pray for you!!!! 

Happy Friday Readers! 

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