Monday, December 17, 2012

Not my favorite morning.

There are SO many great moments as a parent, but I am also just beginning to learn there are very hard moments too.
 This morning was not my favorite. 
Took Juliana to her 15 month appointment which should be routine and just checking growth. Well, she's still the same weight :(, has been getting sick pretty much constantly her whole life and has been having a few other random weird symptoms too (blue lips, shaking, lots of diarrhea and vomit and fever, etc). So after shots and all that fun, we were over for a blood test (NOT FUN). I've already had to do this when she was 4 months old and really sick, but at least then she just sat there and cried, now that she's bigger I had to basically pin her down and hold her arm down while they tried to get her blood. Once they finally got a vein I kid you not the blood was BARELY going up the tube. Took FOREVER to get like 1/4 teaspoon of blood. The seat was all wet from her tears :( SAD MOMENT as a mommy. At least I held off crying till we got in the car. 

The next appointment we have is with a GI specialist cause the Dr. thinks something might be wrong in there :( After that we'll move onto the allergist. Part of me knows that this is all the beginning steps just to rule out a number of things but it's still hard that we can't just have one regular appointment where everything looks great and we go on our way. 

I am blessed to have a child and I know she'll be fine, just frustrating to have to put her through all these tests.
Praying for a good result from her blood test! 

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Chick Flick Diva said...

My heart went out to you as read your post today. It is hard to watch your love ones in pain. I will be praying that your upcoming appointment is less stressful and they are able find out what is wrong.