Tuesday, January 1, 2013

BOSCO chopped challenge

A few years ago my side of the family took on the name the "BOSCO" clan. We needed something to call ourselves and I think the 3 son-in-laws were growing weary of being called "the Oates clan" when none of them (or us anymore!) are Oates! 

So BOSCO was born :) 

Beaumonts, Oates, Straks, Carrolls, Oates 

This includes all my siblings and my parents :) 

Since then we have had lots of fun with this name and have had everything from Bosco Brew (homemade beer!) to giant jenga sets

AND TODAY..............our nerdiness is made complete by competing in our first
 BOSCO Chopped Challenge. 

If you have never seen Chopped you are truly missing out!

So basically my husband and I along with my 3 siblings and parents will receive a basket of random ingredients and some cash for the store and have to create an appetizer and dessert for our judges (good friends :) All while the video recorder is on a tripod in our kitchen.

Pictures WILL follow......stay tuned! 

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Beth said...

So cool! The game and the way ya'll combined your names! This sounds like so much fun!